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Live Extraordinary, Don’t Settle for Less!



What does it mean to live in an extraordinary life, in your unique way? First of all be aware that living an extraordinary life does not mean you have to be larger than life and be involved in super-human achievements. Nor does it mean you have to be famous and stride across the world stage for all to see and admire. That is the destiny for some but it does not necessarily represent the quality of extraordinary living I am referring to here.

Living an extraordinary life is about the way you live every day of your life. Every moment you are invited to expand into some greater possibility. A good example could be an argument you may have with your spouse or partner. It could be a one-off tiff or a recurring pattern. When this occurs the vast majority get caught in their limited conditioned patterns and never go beyond them to experience something greater and more magical.

We all know the patterns, such as becoming defensive, withdrawing, having to have the last word, resorting to anger or tears, blaming, justifying yourself, and so on.

If you can relate to this, then take a moment to imagine what it would be like to really change all that. Instead of the stressful reactive pattern, you find the capacity to listen without judgement, or make an extra effort to understand, be the first to say sorry, or admit that you were wrong.

Now that would be extraordinary!

This is one small example of living an extraordinary life. It is about being committed to rising to your highest possibility in this moment.

Here’s another example that many are familiar with. Maybe you have a creative talent, such as song writing, designing fabrics, or writing children’s books. You decide to do something with this talent and start to create a plan and make some helpful contacts. Then the evening comes and you have 3 hours that you can really apply to it, but instead you fritter away the time watching television, or idly surfing the net.

Now imagine what it would be like to really change that pattern – to find the commitment and enthusiasm to make real productive use of your time and move steadily towards the success you dream of.

Once again that would be extraordinary!

In my work with people over the years I have heard scenarios like these repeated over and over. And I have witnessed the self blame and guilt that they get stuck with. Although it is tempting to settle for less, it seems that we instinctively know better. If we are truly honest we can admit that we could relate to our partner more lovingly and sensitively, or we could be far more focused on our greater good, or we could be more committed to living with clear values.

So why don’t we? There are many reasons and one of the most important is that it involves change, especially changing ourselves. We all acknowledge that change is part of life, yet we tend to resist it. It takes courage, commitment, honesty, self belief, perseverance and self love to change patterns of thinking and behaving that have defined us for so long.

There is the work. Most of us have an emotional investment in the patterns we live by because they give us an identity, even if it is an unhappy one. Being committed to an extraordinary life means you have to deal with those attachments and fears, and start to change, both internally and externally. The challenge is to operate from a greater level of energy, passion and commitment than what you have lived from so far. And there is the first sign that some changes will be required.

Now you may be wondering with this if I am talking about goals and goal setting. And if I am not, then where do goals fit into it. So let’s look at this question.

Goals represent the things you would like to achieve in life, and that is the focus for most people. Usually the goal is seen as a sign of progress and therefore something worthwhile and growthful. There are many goal-setting methods you can apply and these will take you toward the achievement of those goals. However it is easy to get trapped into focusing on only half the equation, which is just the external goal.

The other equally important half is your internal process that takes you toward your goal, and results from achieving it. If you have a goal that represents a significant improvement in your life then that could be extraordinary compared to your current life. Your best guarantee of success is to take all the appropriate external actions along with committing to what it takes to living in an extraordinary way. The combination of both will take you toward the achievement of your goal.

You need to equal your goals. If your goal represents something greater in your life then you have to become someone greater. You will not raise yourself to the level of your goal by continuing with the same energy and the same life patterns you currently live with. A powerful question you can ask at the start of every week is.

“What do I have to change within myself this week to move closer to my goal?”

It may mean any number of things, such as changing an attitude, a consumption habit, the ways you use your time, your communication style, a fear, a limiting belief, a reactive pattern, and so many more. If you commit to those things, along with your commitment to the external work, then you will start to live a truly extraordinary life, and you will step into a life success, achievement, mastery and fulfillment.

I can help you if you want to explore this or if you feel stuck and want to move on to better things.

You were born for greatness. Claim it


Clement McGrath

Author, Coach, Mentor and Speaker, Clement McGrath is your seasoned “Go-To” person; totally passionate about his work and always full of ideas. Clement is also a qualified Breath Therapist, and has vast knowledge in the areas of ‘Effective Communication,’ ‘Human Creativity,’ ‘Principles of Peak Performance and Success,’ and ‘Mythology and its Modern Applications. He co-authored the book The Way to Freedom, and is currently working on a major book on Relationships due for publish in 2015. For more details check

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