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Life’s Adventure



I was pleasantly surprised and impressed yesterday when I opened my
Facebook page to find that a long time friend and colleague had
embarked on an adventure of a lifetime, a noble walk from the city we
lived in which happens to be the largest city in Africa, to a far away
state…on foot! Wow!

It was more of an enviable moment than it was a shocking one as the
reality of it all keeps dawning on me and I still can’t get over the
fact that someone I know personally is taking this noble adventure.
You know the feeling, the thrill you get when you see someone you know
on a first name basis on the big screen, the feeling of self pride
‘…I know that person’, we even get the bragging right in most cases.
Picture this, imagine you had been in the same preschool class with
Angelina Jolie or Will Smith, now imagine what it’ll be like seeing
them on big posters and screens like you do now…right? Yeah, that
was exactly how I felt when I discovered my own Osita Edema-Ogbuagu,
the one with whom I have walked side by side with, had embarked on
what I term ‘the trek’

As was expected of course, loads of criticism had passed on about how
stupid a decision that was, we are in Nigeria after all, who cared
about adventures around here? Noble? Does ‘noble’ put food on the
table? Yet my friend(yes! My friend), he took the bold step, ignored
all the danger signs, all the critical voices waiting to rain down on
him, left the warmth of his bed and the comfort of his home, into the
cold night he went, lonely and tired, he pressed on, bruised and
beaten by the rain and under the scorching sun he marched…although
he said this was a walk for ‘an hero’, I’m sure we all know who the
true Hero is.

A mixture of Envy and pride, I felt. At least when Pa Osita
Edema-Ogbuagu sits amidst his grand and great grand kids, I imagine
he’ll look back and say…despite all, I still did it. He had a
message, of perseverance and tenacity, of firm determination and
persistence, of winning. What will be my story? What will be your’s?

I believe everyone deserves to pursue whatever it is that makes them
happy regardless of how stupid the world perceives it. Don’t fear
criticism, launch at fear and watch it whimper at your feet. I’m
seeking and pursuing my happiness, my life’s adventure, I’m writing my
story…are you? If not, its okay, we need people to buy and read the
stories we write anyway but then again, i’ld so love to buy and read
your’s, make it interesting.

PS: thanks Ossy for inspiring this, you truly are the hero and I wish
for your safe return back home.


Adeola Bakare Uyeye

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