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The Dog Ate It…



If I were to start a “free discussion group’ or a platform where we
all share what we believe to be the cause(s) of our perceived
problems’ or life challenges, I’m almost 95% sure that the fault or
maybe the ‘real’ and ‘actual’ fault isn’t ours, it is either blamed on
the kind of childhood we got, someone or something else…never ‘Me’

I am reminded of a story I was told as a little girl of the child that
always blamed his dog for every misfortune until he was taught a
lesson on taking responsibility for his action. Just like that little
child in that story, a lot of us have put the responsibilities of our
lives and future in the hands of our imaginary dogs (..or real dogs in
some cases), we have become critical of people and situations around
us and have taken the form of the ‘victim’.

We blame a lot of things on our government in this part of the world
that I live in so much so that we stopped being responsible for our
lives. Well then again, that is what blame pushing does, makes you
loose all sense of responsibility and hands over your God given power
to effect change to the ‘blamed’. When we shift the blames then we
shift responsibilities and when that is done, we loose complete
control that has been given to us to not just make things happen and
change lives, we loose our identities as well.

I read somewhere recently where I’m asked if I am truly happy, of
course I hastily said ‘yes’ I was but on a second thought I started
making a mental list of situations where I’m not and as was typical,
started blaming it on a lot of external factors including my past. I
was quick to caution myself at this point to rethink my blame game and
reassess the effect that’ll have on me, I wasn’t going to put myself
in the victim position…you know why? That’s right, because I am who
I say I am and ‘victim’ is definitely not one of them.

Blame pushing puts us in the passive seats of our own lives and strips
us of all will power to effect change and stay responsible for our
growth. A woman of God shared her experience with another woman who
described how life had thrown her under the bus a lot and she turned
around and asked her to get up from under the bus and take the wheel
(driver’s seat) of the damn bus. Its a choice thing and taking
responsibility is the very start of taking control.

Power to will and do is in your hands, don’t misuse it. Quit the blame
game and stay in control as is originally meant to be.


Adeola Bakare Uyeye

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