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Poetic Tuesday: The Swaddling!



The journey of nines comes to end
The fruit of love and prayer
Bundle of joy, a meek cry
The swaddling
The blip to bump
The miracle of creation
The gift of life
The Swaddling
Sleepless nights
Tosses and turns
Pains and discomfort
The Swaddling
Lofty aspirations
The dream of tomorrow
You debuted today
The Swaddling!

Dedicated to our Sweet Swaddling Darlene Z born today
Welcome to the World! 



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2 thoughts on “Poetic Tuesday: The Swaddling!”

  1. Janice Plado Dalager says:

    Welcome to the world, Darlene Z! You have chosen some wonderful parents, and we are ALL blessed to have you with us! Best wishes to you Tim, your lovely wife, and your new little one!

    1. timitude says:

      Beautiful Bundle of Joy..came in time for Fathers Day especially 🙂

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