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True to Thyself….



We all have lived a lie at a point in our lives, some of us are living
the lies right now while a very limited number of people have taken up
the amazing challenge of walking out of all the lies to face their

In the categories of those of us living this lie are those who,
interestingly, are well aware of the lies they live yet have made the
conscious effort to remain in these lies mainly because it gives them
a sense of happiness to a certain degree while the other set are
completely oblivious of the fact that they are living a lie and or to
what magnitude.

When asked what his mantra for life was, my good friend, Chisom would
always say ‘...unto thyself be true’. Who said or wrote those words, I
have no clue and everytime he makes that quotation, first time I was
thrown into deep thoughts on the depth of that and at subsequent
times, I just sat there with mind all blanked out hoping for his and
my sake that the audience took the time to weigh the magnitude of
those words and its reality in their lives.

You see, for the last few months, my life has turned into a lab field
where a lot experiment get carried out and a very clear hypothesis for
me has always been with the baseline of success and happiness and how
these two work together, always. Like I’ve mentioned in previous
articles, success and happiness are very relative word specific to our
individual definitions of these words and our decision to pursue after
these depends greatly on the value placed on them by each individual.

It is then crystal clear that the role of being true to oneself is
perhaps the ONLY and MOST vital factor to success and happiness since
both are linked to how much truth I have told myself and how much of
those truth I am willing to live. For instance, the almost
instantaneous proof of success to the world is the possession of
worldly luxuries, cars, houses, maids and so on while geniune success
which brings with it, happiness, joy and fulfilment; is not defined by
these luxuries and sees them as just means to an end not an end in
itself. Now, when someone in possession of these ‘luxuries’
chooses(emphasis on choice) to overlook the fact that those are not
infact the end and continuously works towards attaining a worthy ideal
that makes him genuinely happy, regardless of what is perceived of
him/her, then such a person is said to have been true to him/her self.

The basic fact about lies is that they regard the perception of
someone or some people over what really IS. The world is filled mainly
with people who are forever willing to be who the world wants them to
be, the definition of others are the bane of livelihood for lots of
people today so much so that we continuously suppress what we know as
our truth and would rather look pleasing and picture perfect.

A child wants to be perceived as ‘good’ so he lives to fulfil all his
parent’s bidding including the choice of career and sometimes choice
in spouse. A wife wants to be ‘perceived’ as a ‘perfect’ and ‘super’
woman, she quits her career, becomes a full housewife which she dreads
ordinarily yet she puts on the ‘…everything is just right and I was
born to do this’ face always yet deep down feels terrible humiliation.
That young lady sticks to that relationship because he is the ‘dream’
of every lady, the envy of her friends who see a ‘perfect couple’ and
so she’ll rather live with the broken head, shattered heart and remain
in that emotional humiliation. The young man who puts himself under
the pressure of feeling ‘among’, if his mate can get it then he could.
He gets a loan to finance his lies and attracts more lies to cover the
previous lies and now he is neck deep in debt with no one to help.

Perhaps a key to note is that NO ONE has a perfect life for if we do,
there wouldn’t be a point being alive would there? As life is about
continuous effort towards perfection. So why not relegate people’s
opinion of you to the doldrums and place a lot more value of YOUR
inner voice, it deserves your complete attention, stay true and
faithful to it, face that lie in your life, look it squarely and
fearlessly in the face and let it know that you’re done living ‘it’
and are ready to give a voice to that genuine companion within
you…YOURSELF. The time to be free is now, confront your lies, face
your truth today because if you don’t, it always has a way of creeping
up when we least expect it and blows up in our faces.

In closing, …’unto thyself be true’. Truer words haven’t been said
for with this comes a deeper sense of happiness, satisfaction, joy,
freedom, a giant step to success. I hope you grab this with both


Adeola Bakare Uyeye

Successpreneur and Coach. Totally obsessed with Personal Development and Growth. Creative Versatilist with a Can-Do-Bring-it-on-Mindset. Passionate about Start-ups. Lover. Wife. Mother. Friend. And I Love Good Food!

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2 thoughts on “True to Thyself….”

  1. Clement McGrath says:

    Excellent article, Adeola. Thank you

  2. Adeola says:

    Thanks Clement, its more of a ‘note to self’ though.

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