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The Art of Baby Whispering!

Just turned 3 weeks in this business of being a daddy this week… And what a beautiful journey it has been.  Yeah,  I have even mastered the most coveted skill of all…. The Art of Baby Whispering!



Well there is nothing more desirable than an eating, sleeping, pooping baby in the early days of parenting.  So you bet counting the number of wet nappies and especially the poo ones begins to become an obsession.  Well it’s one of the important KPIs. Well there’s another one too that was told me only too often before this journey began.  Yeah,  the waking in ungodly hours, the insomnia and sleep deprivation.  Ok,  on this hallowed accolade, I have been greatly spared for two reasons.  One I’m a sworn night owl and our daughter might as well give me company right through the night If she so chooses.

It’s a free world honey and feel free to exercise your sovereign right.

You bet we have had a few of those and it’s been beautiful times… Ooh,  at least from Daddy’s perspective. In this moments we can stare at each other for hours!

Second,  I just realised that I have some highly coveted baby Whispering abilities,  and you bet Lil DZ , thanks for the christening @TheJPD! savours this every time as her passport to dreamland. Need I say she drifts away fairly  quickly in her daddy’s arms.

Yeah, I guess I’m that good,  I’m even thinking of offering Internet courses on the subject!

Well, well it’s been amazing 3 weeks and we are certainly earning our parenting stripes as we go along.  The journey is full of adventure and lots of learning and indeed there could never be a dull moment with a such a heavenly bundle of Joy.
Funny how it feels like 3 months already, I wonder how 3 months would feel then.

I write this from bed as I watch my two sleeping beauties catching some 40 winks …. Yeah,  it’s a beautiful sight to Behold and a  moment of gratitude especially on weekend where you can get away with sleeping in.



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