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Last Night I Dreamed…

Hold fast to dreams

I saw a whole race living in peace and nobility,

As leaders served all with justice and equality;

Warriors lay down their arms and embrace one another

Conquering the enemy within and not their brother.

Last night I dreamed…

I sailed oceans rich and full; I heard forests full of song,

In the fresh mountain lake I watched the flight of the swan;

I saw all creatures flourish in their true allotted place;

I felt the pulse of Life and the touch of Grace.

Last night I dreamed…

I saw happy children, bearing the light that will come,

I heard the laughter and delight of their innocent fun.

As teachers showed minds how to think and create;

Merchants with their business helped all to be great.

There were artists and musicians inspiring hearts to be free,

And storytellers with visions of what can yet be.

Last night I dreamed…

I saw the whole human race creating heaven on earth;

Sharing their dreams and honouring their worth.


This morning I woke from my sleep with a start,

Yet  the dream  is still there, alive in my heart.

But out in the world I feel the anguish and the pain,

Of those who are flooded with cold winter rain.

They struggle through life making it hard and grim,

Forgetting how much they are filled to the brim.


So I stand here before you with a story to tell,

That your dream lives on in a deep infinite well.

If you just stop and be still you may feel its soft beat,

It will nourish and fill you, and its breath is so sweet!


My whole purpose here is to remind you of this,

And offer you a cup from the fountain of bliss.






Clement McGrath

Author, Coach, Mentor and Speaker, Clement McGrath is your seasoned “Go-To” person; totally passionate about his work and always full of ideas. Clement is also a qualified Breath Therapist, and has vast knowledge in the areas of ‘Effective Communication,’ ‘Human Creativity,’ ‘Principles of Peak Performance and Success,’ and ‘Mythology and its Modern Applications. He co-authored the book The Way to Freedom, and is currently working on a major book on Relationships due for publish in 2015. For more details check

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