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A New Day Has Begun….


To change is to grow,  to learn is to evolve,  to live is to constantly change and evolve.



As a family we have experienced so much in our human experience so many months into the year, so many significant things have come to pass all so beautiful and significant.  All for which we are most grateful for.

It makes sense for the soul to make sense of the times and seasons.  It is essential for the sense of progress…

Slightly over six weeks ago, we experienced the joy of the new addition into our family with baby DZ joining us. And about the same time the blessing of our new address for which we now call home.  Indeed God has honoured us with giftings of family in this season.

He has always provided… 
He has always inspired us… 
He is our protection… 
He is our progress and the centre that holds it all….

So we are grateful for the new season ahead and looking forward to exciting times indeed.




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