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Burn, Baby, Burn!



How often do we settle for what we have been told is the “right” thing to do? You know what I mean! The right career, the right partner, the right this, the right that! Don’t cause waves! Just let it flow!

I have settled many times in my life for what I believed was the “right” thing to do – that which caused the least resistance and calmed the waters.  And when I do, my own inner storm rages inside building until the thunder rolls and the lightning flashes.  I settle into an existence – not a life – because that was what was expected – the “right” thing to do.

And in that mind frame, the fire creeps up, beckoning me to jump in. “Come on! Camille! Experience! Experience fire and passion – life!”

Oh, I’ve said no and wonder what I might have missed.  I have looked back with regret knowing that I may have missed something that would have brought a spark of life into my very beingness.  When I say yes? Magnificent! So why would anyone say no?

It’s fear, Baby! Plain and simple! Fear of moving out of the comfort zone. Fear of the unexpected! Fear of success! Fear of being more! Fear!

Here’s the truth. I stayed in the comfort zone for a long time, just like everyone else. Doing the “right” thing – the thing that was expected of this good Southern girl. Haha!! About four years ago, I took a giant leap and jumped from the proverbial frying pan into the fire.

Hard? Oh, yes! But, oh, so worth it! And now? I no longer wish to play it safe and do what others expect.  I no longer wish to keep the waters still.  Don’t make waves?  Hell, no!  I’m move into the fire!

I know there are risks, and I know that I will be pushed past my comfort zone. I know that each and every boundary will be pushed. But it is into that fire that I become purified – whole.  It is the fire that reignites what was extinguished long ago.  You know that old cliché? The phoenix rising from the ashes? Well, I take that on! Baby, I am moving out of the ashes and I intend to soar.

Will I get burned? Yep! Already have – many times. And it hurt! But each time, I learned more about myself than I would have if I stayed in calm waters. Between you and me? I am really starting to like this woman that is emerging. She’s a pretty cool lady!

I am an ever evolving woman and the masks that hid my safe place are falling off and burning away in the fire.  I am becoming the me I want to be.  It may be difficult for those around me that see me as they wish to see me, but they will become accustomed to me.  At least, the me that no longer plays it safe. The me that lives her passion.  The me that does not get burned by the fire but is filled with desire – with heart passion – with the spark of living!

So, Baby! Get out of those calm waters! Live your authentic self whatever it is! Soar with me into the fire! To those anchors that keep you chained in stagnant water?

Burn, baby, burn!

Camille Wylde

Camille is a poet, author, and artist with two books coming out soon. She leads women’s empowerment workshops and retreats focused on improving body image and teaching women to embrace their own beauty and sensuality. While the body of her work is in erotica and romance, she focuses on the strength of women and their inner voices. Kind hearted and loving, her motivation in writing and art is the beauty of women – all women!

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