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Who is Greater? The Story or the Story Teller… Why?

 Here the Twiverdict on the #CreativeMondays Question of the Week….

Who is greater? The Story or the Story Teller… Why?



Thanks indeed for your thoughts and perspective to this lively discussion… here below a summary of some of the thinking shared…


The Story……

…the story speaks through the teller and only the story lives forever… ~ @killythekid 

 …the story, but the storyteller can GREATLY breathe life into the story, I know! 🙂 ~ @MikePaineShow

..the story, but someone has to tell it. No story no need for a teller. 🙂 ~ @RandiGraceNilsb 

 ..I would say story, b/c the storyteller puts him/herself into it & then gives u more ~ @EuphonicMusings

 ..The story… The storyteller is merely the conduit for the tale to be related.….But a great story can make a poor storyteller great… Put another way, a great storyteller makes a good story great. ~ @TorturdCyclone 

The story because it may never die… The story teller almost always dies ‏~ @PoemsAndBowTies

Story, if it’s good. Then it outgrows you ~ @AManCalledDada 

 Closing argument…

Even though the story depends on its telling ~ it alone is the focus; the focus should 1st be on the story & then reflectively on the storyteller, without the story there is no storyteller, so the story comes first! ~ @livelovethinkex 


The Story Teller…

Bad storyteller can ruin even best story. #Justsayin ~ @cynthiakahn 

Since the story is not a person, it would have to be the storyteller 🙂 ~ @FlairCreativ

The good storyteller will sell you on a story you’ve heard before; the story-teller makes the story great And thus is greater ~ @CnstantGardener

I’d say the story teller! Good morning Tim & friends!! Happy Monday ~ @divadebbie1962 

The Story Teller makes a Story Great! ~ @mariamuser

The teller, without which we wouldn’t know the story ~ @nerdkykgirl  

“The Singer, not the Song” ~ @WORRODRoger

Chicken vs. egg, eh? No story w/o the storyteller ~ @RobertMihaly1

Without the storyteller, the story won’t be told. It’s there, but cannot be told ~ @WyldeVerse 

Hmmmm..without the storyteller there is NO story..Chicken, or the egg ~ @DanielleProphet

Closing argument….

Hardly rocket science! No story teller, no story! …. Perhaps the storyteller’s imagination and life experiences combined! ~ @DavidBallmovie 



The story must be told. The storyteller brings it to life Both are equal ~ @CamWylde

One would not exist without the other…greatness comes from both! ~ ‏@cc69_USA

They’re not mutually exclusive – it all blends together ~ @vapidaccount

Both are important but you DO need to know how to tell a story ~ @carlos_wilde 

Both. If either is lacking = poor story.If both are great = great story ~ @StormTrooperAl 

Story teller….no story without the story teller ~ @FNgeru 

Equal parts. You don’t fully have one without the other ~  ‏@lissalet 


I say reader’s perception can make a story great ~ @therepoguy 

Tough 1! I think my characters/stories are my best & worst parts on paper ~ @jasonsmithwritr

Everyone/thing who/which helps bring the muse to life… ~ @FelicityBrandon 

Life writes stories every day. Live it up 2 make your life the best novel ~ @SBlackwings

Closing argument..

I can’t do it in 140 characters… I vote this as a blog post! Very philosophical!! …total chicken & egg….But I believe words are multidimensional & can reach further, than maybe the author themselves even intended ~ @Entiretyinbits  




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