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Goodbyes Are Hard….



I said goodbye this past weekend to my beloved Bay Area. I have lived there for 10 years and loved it there. I met some wonderful people, and I met some that were not so wonderful. I had huge successes there and epic fails. I laughed, cried, played, worked, gathered in, and let go there. One thing that was constant the entire time – my beloved bay.

I would go there when I needed to regroup and recharge. Somehow, just sitting by the water soothed my soul.

And now, I start a new chapter in my life. New places, new faces, new routines, new people, new attitudes, new way of life. I admit, I am just a little off put at the moment. I haven’t gotten my bearings just yet, and I wonder how I am going to navigate this new place.

I am still close to water, thankfully! That is a must. One of the most surprising aspects of this move is how close I am to Mount Shasta and Mount Lassen. In fact, yesterday, as I discovered the new grocery store, I saw both clearly with their snow peaks looking down on the valley in which I live now.

I am only a few hundred yards from the Sacramento River. It runs quickly here, and there is a delightful bench right at the bank where I can sit to recharge and regroup.

Sorry to say, I haven’t met people yet, but that will come.

Today, I sit at my makeshift desk and write at my laptop. It’s cloudy and gloomy here right now. Light rain and snow in the mountains. I have my Keurig 2.0 running constant today making cappuccinos and chai lattes. My cat and little dog are at my feet, and my bamboo plant is carefully set in the financial corner of my little place.

I am almost settled in here in a much smaller space than I had before. I have had to put most of my things in storage, give them away to my daughters, or donate them to people that needed what I had to offer. I had to say goodbye to some very precious belongings of mine and to some people I loved.

They are just things, you say? Yes, that’s true, and yet those things had memories attached to them. Those things were a part of me. Never belittle your feelings over things.

The people? Yes, I know I will remain in contact with them – at least for a while until we all drift away to our lives. It happens.

Sitting here at my laptop, I realize how hard it is to say goodbye. And yet, each goodbye is a new hello to a new adventure.

Ok, I admit it! As I wrote that last sentence, my mind said, “Yeah, right! That’s not what you thought this morning!” My mind has a mind of its own, you know.

So, let’s take stock on saying goodbye. Goodbye is the acknowledgement that a change is coming. Could be a good change. Could be a hard change. But change is coming.

My life is changing drastically. While much of this is a huge manifestation of strong intent, it is change. I never trivialize feelings concerning change with general feel good phrases. Oh, good intentions are there to bring peace and comfort, but we have to grieve. We’re humans!

Are you going through a major change in your life? Are you going through a minor change in your life? Feel it, my friend. Don’t squelch it. Feel it – raw and powerful. Embrace it. Cry. Rant. Stomp your feet. Do what it takes to get it out. And then, when you think are done, do it again.

Goodbye is hard! You will never be able to say hello until you say goodbye. You will never be in a place to accept the hello until you release the goodbye.

As you release the goodbye, see yourself flying free and soaring into your hello. Then, and only then, can you embrace the new.

Then, and only then, will you hear, “Hello! Welcome, my friend!”

Camille Wylde

Camille is a poet, author, and artist with two books coming out soon. She leads women’s empowerment workshops and retreats focused on improving body image and teaching women to embrace their own beauty and sensuality. While the body of her work is in erotica and romance, she focuses on the strength of women and their inner voices. Kind hearted and loving, her motivation in writing and art is the beauty of women – all women!

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