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Slow and Steady…

When you hear people say ‘slow and steady’, what immediately comes to mind is the story of ‘the tortoise and the hare‘. I know this because its what happens with me, I’ve read and listened to this story over and over again so much so

Goal In Focus…

It has been said and proven over and over again that the effect of goal setting is phenomenal, most especially when they are written and revisited quite often. Several means have been devised to help keep our goals in focus, John Asaraf suggested mind mapping,


When I was a child, I’d dream of growing up and becoming free and independent of all these ‘supposedly’ controlling grown ups, proving to them that I could be a better grown-up than they’ll ever be. Now that I’m all grown-up, I’d sit and wish

True to Thyself….

We all have lived a lie at a point in our lives, some of us are living the lies right now while a very limited number of people have taken up the amazing challenge of walking out of all the lies to face their truths.


So I get my first project in the Toastmasters club I just joined and its titled the ‘icebreaker’. Basically this is where a new members comes forward to give their first speech about a topic they are most familiar with…themselves. I picked up my pen

The Dog Ate It…

If I were to start a “free discussion group’ or a platform where we all share what we believe to be the cause(s) of our perceived problems’ or life challenges, I’m almost 95% sure that the fault or maybe the ‘real’ and ‘actual’ fault isn’t

Life’s Adventure

I was pleasantly surprised and impressed yesterday when I opened my Facebook page to find that a long time friend and colleague had embarked on an adventure of a lifetime, a noble walk from the city we lived in which happens to be the largest

The God Way….

The phrase ‘God is in control’ and ‘God will provide’ oftentimes have little or no meaning to us and at other times when we are not really paying attention, it truly does manifest and the depth of those words, its reality completely hits us and

Success: You Have ALL You Need…

The truth and magnitude of the statement ‘all you may ever want or need in life has been given to you‘ keeps hitting me at new and different angle and weight every other time. I used to not regard those words at first especially when

Dubious Generousity…

Someone once mentioned that there is always a reason and purpose for everything, well, my most recent observation is that there usually also is a ‘motive‘ for ‘giving‘. From our early years, we have been taught principles and values, of love and mutual respect, of