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Perfect and Worth It!

I wonder sometimes just what it means to be perfect. I’m not talking perfection without flaws. I’m talking about knowing that whatever state we are in is the perfect state for us at that one moment. I understand that this is a hard concept to

Body Beautiful…

Confession here! I got on the scale yesterday morning, and horror of horrors! I had gained five pounds in the last month. After I gathered myself and did my deep breathing, I immediately went into the blame-shame game. Too stressed, too tired, too busy to

You are Worthy!

If you listened to the Creative Mondays podcast a couple weeks ago, you know I write under my pen name, Camille Wylde. And this is the persona most know me under. I do this for a reason – mainly to protect my privacy and that

Truth and Gentleness..

It was amazing how the conversation from my last blog article began a long debate on Twitter. While I still believe that if a relationship has grown stale or the excitement has gone away – the light bulb is broken – the house isn’t replaced,

Fix That Light Bulb!

Have you had a dream that was the most fantastical dream ever imagined? Maybe what you started off thinking was the most amazing life you could create? Or perhaps, it was the most amazing love in your life that anyone could ever have? And then?

Self Love: The Art of Loving Thyself!

Music has always been a huge part of my life. Last year, I used music as a muse for journaling my inner growth. Some were posted on my blog, Dancing Naked from my Heart. This is one of those that became an important piece and