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Last Night I Dreamed…

I saw a whole race living in peace and nobility, As leaders served all with justice and equality; Warriors lay down their arms and embrace one another Conquering the enemy within and not their brother. Last night I dreamed… I sailed oceans rich and full;

How to Strengthen Your Faith and Create Miracles..

Faith is an inner conviction and knowing based on a clear understanding of Universal Law. When you understand the truth of life, your own self, and the creative process then you have a valid foundation for faith. When you act from this knowledge then you

Live Extraordinary, Don’t Settle for Less!

What does it mean to live in an extraordinary life, in your unique way? First of all be aware that living an extraordinary life does not mean you have to be larger than life and be involved in super-human achievements. Nor does it mean you

Come Alive, Live in No Mind!

Living with no-mind does not mean living as a zombie, or drifting through life in a daze. It means being totally alive with your senses, body, feelings and awareness wide open and awake to this moment’s pulse. It means allowing life to happen through you

How to Find Peace in a World of Conflict.

  The great Christmas theme is,  Peace on earth and goodwill to all.  We all desire peace yet it seems to be such an elusive quality. When you look deeply into the human mind you find a state of agitation which drives all conflict, and