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15 Lessons for 2015

Life does not happen to us, we happen to ourselves!! Moment to Reflect: I must say, its not been an easy year, I have been in and out of court regarding custody of my kids but while at it, I didn’t just learn some few

Hold Your Space…

“You cannot see your reflection in running water, only in still waters” ~Elizabeth Gilbert~ What is holding your space? Are you in charge? are you mindful to yourself? Moment to Reflect: I’ve since realized how I get so emotionally engaged in my challenges that I

Adventure in Every Experience…

When you approach everything with the spirit of adventure, you infuse your life with vitality and radiance ~ Matthew Wallker ~ Moment to Reflect: For the better part of this year, I have been going in and out of court, to be quite honest I’ve

The Journey of The Heart….

Every heart has a journey, what journey has your heart taken!   Moment to Reflect: Its hard to explain and yet everything the heart has felt. The journey of the heart is a personal journey and the journey of the heart can feel like a

Give It To Time….

Time has a way of dealing with things, better than we could ever thought possible. Time heals, time tells, is there anything time can not do? Moment to reflect: The pain was unbearable, the pain was real and the pain felt like forever. If you’ve

Taking Responsibility and Finding Healing

Truth brings about healing, honestly is a very important part of healing. Oh…, what price we pay, if we fail to be honest to ourselves! Moment to Reflect: What things have you had to live with? I’ve had to live with the decisions that the hurt

Caught Up in The Swing

  “The highest form of intelligence is the ability to observe yourself without judging yourself”   The swing of things; uncertainty is our reality, the question is, when caught up in the swing, are you reactive or creative? Moment to Reflect: For a couple of

The Black Hole…

Unhappiness or negativity is a disease on our planet ~ Eckhart Tolle ~   Have you ever reached a point in your life that you asked your self this question, “how did I get myself here??” beware of the black hole. Moment to Reflect: It started

The Runners and The Walkers…

“It’s either you are running away or walking towards something.”   The runners and the walkers, which one are you? There are two kinds of situations in life, in which our decisions stems from and it’s important to be very clear. Are you running away

The IT and the BY the way…

We often get stuck on the “BY the way” and forget the “IT”. Moment to Reflect: Think of someone who is taking a long journey and some where along the way, they experience problems with their car, should they forget about the journey or should