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Life’s Adventure

I was pleasantly surprised and impressed yesterday when I opened my Facebook page to find that a long time friend and colleague had embarked on an adventure of a lifetime, a noble walk from the city we lived in which happens to be the largest

Poetic Tuesday: Ubuntu..

I’m because you are In acknowledging you I acknowledge me As Siamese twins Knit at the umbilical cord Of life Through tragedy Or laughter Knowing that we are Inalienably bound By dreams and hopes Our common human aspiration To make it through This life To

Encounters and Experiences: I See You…

I see you! When you meet anyone, remember it is a holy encounter. As you treat them you will treat yourself. As you think of them, you will think of yourself. Never forget this. For in them you will find yourself or lose yourself~A course

Poetic Tuesday: Mother City

In the city by the sea Where the whales sing And the sharks mate There is a lions head In the city by the rock Is a table like a dock The anchor of a people The table like a label In the city by

Timspirational Weekend: In Celebration of Womanity!

It is women’s day in South Africa today. August is women’s month as such. I share this piece as tribute to all the beautiful women around the world. The gift from the heavens, the ones who make the world spin. True. It is difficult to

Fathers Day: Lessons from My Father…. 

I will not be-labour the fact that mothers and womanity has stolen the thunder when it comes to the celebration of such days. Certainly, Mothers Day is a more colourful affair and Fathers Day pales in comparison. I guess this is understandable in our world

African Beauty: I Love my Gele!

They all look ravishingly beautiful, this must be a different event entirely as I meant to attend a wedding, not a big parade of colours, some with moderate patterns and styles while others are like magnificent imaginative hands stretched out to the sky in prayers,

Wacky Wednesday: Life in the SkyLine_

From a far it’s a beautiful tall buildings scenery, wait till you find yourself within it – it’s kinda you are lost in a jungle full of gigantic buildings. Things moving fast in the city, everyone is in a hurry never minding about others business.  They

Mama Africa, How Art Thou?

The black and beautiful how are you motherland?
They said you were ugly
Don’t trust ’em suitors
They lie if they can to save their lives
Jewel of the Nile why all the drama and turmoil
As our brothers fight like fools for power and control
Yet our daddy bequeathed us such wealth?