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Love, Beyond Words…

When I lack the words to say And my pen falters still May it mean even more That the winds will bring it home That the birds will sing for you That the flowers will make you smile And that you’ll know I’ve loved you

From My Heart to Yours

Here in the United States, it’s Thanksgiving. A time when we remember to be grateful for what we have. It is also a time when we, as a country, remember the first settlers and their first winter here. The American legend says that the Natives

Little Princess Z!

They grow so fast One month today Charming beauty Smiley cute face Daddy’s Pride Mummy’s face Delightful Darling! Yawning Feeding Sleeping Cleaning We are Grateful We Thank God For the Gift of you Happy first month!  

Poetry: Another reason…

It all happened in my sleep, in my “conscious” and “unconscious” sleep While I was sleeping, HE was fully awake. While I was sleeping, HE made things anew, While I was sleeping, HE dealt with my pain, While I was sleeping, HE gave me a

#Timspirational: The Hunt, The Chase and The Dance….

The other day we were chatting on Relationships with my coach and cohost @TheJPD and somewhat the words ‘chase’, hunt and dance dropped into our conversation. You can catch this episode at our weekly hangout #MiddleofNowhereShow Now this week we celebrated our wedding anniversary,  just

The Journey So far: Reflections from 2014 and Beyond!

I read Tim’s list of 25 Timspirational People in 2014 with relish. I must say that I was totally filled with envy, how on earth can just one person be so blessed with the most priced possession anyone could ever wish for, not just one

Relationships Thursday: Of Birthdays, Anniversaries and Weddings…    

This is a BIG Deal… especially if you are a woman. And if you are “date-heavy“… as my co-host Janice would call it. Be Forewarned!   So it happens that I’m home alone, my App being away to attend our friend’s wedding in the seas