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I am Falling in Love

I am falling in love! No, there is no one new in my romantic life, but I am falling in love. With who? Me! Oh, I know I have written over and over again about realizing the magnificence of ourselves, and how we are the

Little Princess Z!

They grow so fast One month today Charming beauty Smiley cute face Daddy’s Pride Mummy’s face Delightful Darling! Yawning Feeding Sleeping Cleaning We are Grateful We Thank God For the Gift of you Happy first month!  

The Art of Baby Whispering!

Just turned 3 weeks in this business of being a daddy this week… And what a beautiful journey it has been.  Yeah,  I have even mastered the most coveted skill of all…. The Art of Baby Whispering! Well there is nothing more desirable than an

Not Just Words to Make You Feel Good

There is something about camping in nature that brings out the I-don’t-care-but-I’m-not-wearing-makeup in me. I go to an inner place in which I accept myself regardless of clean, squeaky hair and grimy hands from building a fire. This place is one of absolute, total judgement

Body Beautiful…

Confession here! I got on the scale yesterday morning, and horror of horrors! I had gained five pounds in the last month. After I gathered myself and did my deep breathing, I immediately went into the blame-shame game. Too stressed, too tired, too busy to

Self Love: The Art of Loving Thyself!

Music has always been a huge part of my life. Last year, I used music as a muse for journaling my inner growth. Some were posted on my blog, Dancing Naked from my Heart. This is one of those that became an important piece and

Poetic Tuesday: Perfect Stranger…

  She was but a dream Object of madness The whirlwind of passion Laughter like a chime The foray of adventure The clinking of glasses The twinkling of lashes Her beauty unquenched The thudding of hearts Rhythm and rhyme That pace and pause The pendulum

Poetic Tuesday: Beautyless…. 

Unbeholden Plain Boring Dull Unbeautiful Numb Sameness Colourless Uninspiring Bland Dead Dodo Heartless… Zzz! 

Poetic Tuesday: My Weakness…

Love is mountains Tears are Valleys Laughter is oceans Sadness is rivers Rain is madness Sunshine is happiness Magic is Rainbow Life is flowers Beauty is eyes Weakness is you… My…  

Poetic Tuesday: The Linger…

Some things are worth dying for Others worth living for even… Sometimes it’s all about a feeling… Fleeting it may have been You may have even been flirting… But oh, that feeling in reminisce..! Sometimes we linger just for a glimpse That gaze of that