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Poetic Tuesday: The One..

The perfect hour glass The cherry blossoms The real shizzle nizzle The tick tock tack Heavenly Angelic Galactic Aquarius Pick me up Can’t do without Save my soul Air I breath No mountain high No rivers wide No valleys low No-one but you… The one

Poetic Tuesday: Mother City

In the city by the sea Where the whales sing And the sharks mate There is a lions head In the city by the rock Is a table like a dock The anchor of a people The table like a label In the city by

Timspirational Weekend: In Celebration of Womanity!

It is women’s day in South Africa today. August is women’s month as such. I share this piece as tribute to all the beautiful women around the world. The gift from the heavens, the ones who make the world spin. True. It is difficult to

Poetic Tuesday: Twirl!

She could Tweet Oh, she was sweet The girl next door Oh, she was smart A geeky look and grin Oh, not your plain Jane She pranced and glanced Oh, a notch of naughty Behind those glasses Oh, the Lord’s prayer Lead us not to

Creative Mondays: The Making of an Artist…

This is a guest post from my friend Mary Dooley, the Author of Expresso Yourself! Be inspired by this enchanting piece submitted for #CreativeMondays! I teach art, several types to both adults and children. I always start with a story. I know if I can

Poetic Tuesday: The Perfectos….

He was Pure chemistry She was Pure biology He was Applied science She was Geometry He was Philosophy She was Geography He was Statistics She was Literature He was Poetry She was Rhyme He was Music She was Dance He was a Giant She was

One with Nature: Let them be!

//\ One with Nature… breath in its sights and sounds in this therapeutic post |: By Adeola How closer can anyone feel to natureWith the sounds of crickets so close in the dead of the nightThe soft and gentle breeze against the faceBirds chirpingThe sound

Poetic Tuesday: Oh, She Danced…

Oh She danced, She waltzed and sashayed She swayed and twisted She flipped and twirled Oh she danced Oh she danced And swayed Like a feather In the wind She danced And tranced Like her life Was the dance She danced so soulfully Like a

Poetic Tuesdays: Dream Girl

She was trim,The perfect thinShe had a grinon her chinShe had winkThat made you thinkShe was the IT girlShe had mild eyesFaintly and fairThat daintily dancedTo the tune of sexy Her dimpleSaid innocentHer wink Said hey ya!Her grinSaid was-supYeah She was that damselThe perfect daydreamThe object of blissAnd

Timspirational Weekend: What inspires us, The ABC’s

ArtForemost I would say Art has a way of making our souls breath and our spirits dance into a trance.  Indulging in art, whether by creating it or by enjoying it, not only has cathartic effects but also makes us feel alive. Whether It is