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Poetic Tuesday: Surreal Soulstice 

Eyes like a blue cat,Hair like a dandelionFairy eyed like a museAnd a lunar smile Phenomenally queer Oscillating like oceans Time so still and distant There was no hesitation Artistic impressions Couldn’t capture Beyond words Just a gaze Lostness ethereal surreal for real aura ghoul soul spirit

African Beauty: I Love my Gele!

They all look ravishingly beautiful, this must be a different event entirely as I meant to attend a wedding, not a big parade of colours, some with moderate patterns and styles while others are like magnificent imaginative hands stretched out to the sky in prayers,

Blank Fridays: What do Women Want?

// Finally Read it from a Woman’s Perspective… the answer to the eternal Question… What do Women Want? By The Witty and Sassy Adeola So he asked me ..what do women want? Heart so large yet so tender Mind so huge yet so slender Soul so deep yet so

Wacky Wednesday: Life in the SkyLine_

From a far it’s a beautiful tall buildings scenery, wait till you find yourself within it – it’s kinda you are lost in a jungle full of gigantic buildings. Things moving fast in the city, everyone is in a hurry never minding about others business.  They

Timspirational Series: The Garden

  It had been such a long time for Mrs. McGool; she had been away from the farm for several years now since her husband passed on.  The farm had always been that place of early love and romance. It’s had been home for the

#TBT: Woman, A Flower!

Made to flourish beauty of humanity Child of awe and mysterious wonder Subtle, soft the ultimate sophistication Drive boys crazy the perfect intoxication Fragrance that draws butterfly kisses Nectary that brings the bees dancing Sense and sensibility with cockles of cheer Charm, Consideration and Charisma

Beautiholic : The Bright Morning Star!

Woke up this morning to amazement and wonder.  Driving out of the house just before 5 in the morning to be greeted by the bright and morning star on the skies, it’s the first time in living memory I became aware of its presence. I couldn’t help but marvel at it’s magnificence and engage in conversation with my driver as we made our way to the airport.

Whispers of Summer: Meeting Heather!

It’s called sunning and tanning and so it happens in summer by the sandy beaches.  Where the waters are blue and the sun is golden and there are cackles of laughter and bottles of fun. It’s a beautiful time to hang out with friends, perhaps to

Quintessential : The Bieber Fever

So we met and all we did was stare
Such a prettiness beyond compare
Salmon and salad never tasted better
The Bieber in me never said never

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Beauty in the eyes of the beholder? Beauty that charms the heart Beauty that stirs the soul And moistens the eyes? Beauty the obstinate obsession? Beauty the pulse and breath of life Beauty the relentless object of pursuit Beauty the unquenchable passion of mortals? Beauty