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The 25 Timspirational People for 2016!

This years’ #Timspirational Faculty comprises of amazing women who are Making a Difference in communities, cities, continents and around the world. It is only appropriate as the cause of empowering women has been a resonant theme for the past few years for me and I’m

The 25 Timspirational People for 2015!

As we unwrap the Gift of a New Year #2016, I wish to acknowledge and celebrate those who made #2015 the Year it was for me. This individuals are drawn from my various circles, interactions and touch points throughout the past year, and I celebrate

No New Year Resolutions

I stopped making New Year’s resolutions a long time ago. The reason? It wasn’t so much that I had a hard time keeping them. I am a goal oriented person, so making those goals and keeping at them was not the issue. Frankly, the issue

Goodbyes Are Hard….

Courtesy: I said goodbye this past weekend to my beloved Bay Area. I have lived there for 10 years and loved it there. I met some wonderful people, and I met some that were not so wonderful. I had huge successes there and epic

Redefining Me…

Courtesy: If you follow me on Twitter, whether it is my personal account or my poetry prompt account, you know that I have been in the thick of a life changing move. Hard? Oh, wow! That is not even a third of the description.

It is Worth It!

The next chapter is being written! It’s interesting, isn’t it? When one giant event occurs in our life, it seems the way is paved for another. Just as one huge chapter is finished, another starts being written. Just as one canvas is painted and finished,

Little Princess Z!

They grow so fast One month today Charming beauty Smiley cute face Daddy’s Pride Mummy’s face Delightful Darling! Yawning Feeding Sleeping Cleaning We are Grateful We Thank God For the Gift of you Happy first month!  

Poetic Tuesday: The Swaddling!

The journey of nines comes to end The fruit of love and prayer Bundle of joy, a meek cry The swaddling The blip to bump The miracle of creation The gift of life The Swaddling Sleepless nights Tosses and turns Pains and discomfort The Swaddling

The Dog Ate It…

If I were to start a “free discussion group’ or a platform where we all share what we believe to be the cause(s) of our perceived problems’ or life challenges, I’m almost 95% sure that the fault or maybe the ‘real’ and ‘actual’ fault isn’t

Baggage and Clutters

  I recently wrote about resolutions how we wait for some calendar dates to make them, well one very major limitation to growth and change definitely would be clutters and baggage’s. Let me ask some questions that have rather become clichés to us. Are there still