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Burn, Baby, Burn!

How often do we settle for what we have been told is the “right” thing to do? You know what I mean! The right career, the right partner, the right this, the right that! Don’t cause waves! Just let it flow! I have settled many


So I get my first project in the Toastmasters club I just joined and its titled the ‘icebreaker’. Basically this is where a new members comes forward to give their first speech about a topic they are most familiar with…themselves. I picked up my pen

That First Stroke…

I sat at my laptop today just sitting as I searched for those perfect words to share. Those words that convey my heart and my soul. Some piece of wisdom spoken from personal experiences that could save the world – or at least come across

Feeling Versus Doing…

You know one word I believe should be eliminated from the English language? Its the ‘feel’ word. I believe too much relevance and credence has been given to that word and the action that follows suit are usually strong willed and determined, sometimes tilting towards

Discomfort and Growth

Discomfort is a catalyst for massive growth.   ~Rhonda Cort ~ When ever there’s irritation/complaint of any sort about something/anything it’s an indication that you are resisting something in your life that is already and prepared for your growth. Pay attention to your discomforts and allow

#Timspirational! Change Through Conversation

Conversation is the Catalyst for change ~ Goitse Sechele Such profound words as shared by my friend and fellow coach Goitse in our conversation earlier today. I have noted in the past that you can determine the level of a society by the level of