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True to Thyself….

We all have lived a lie at a point in our lives, some of us are living the lies right now while a very limited number of people have taken up the amazing challenge of walking out of all the lies to face their truths.

Caught Up in The Swing

  “The highest form of intelligence is the ability to observe yourself without judging yourself”   The swing of things; uncertainty is our reality, the question is, when caught up in the swing, are you reactive or creative? Moment to Reflect: For a couple of


So I get my first project in the Toastmasters club I just joined and its titled the ‘icebreaker’. Basically this is where a new members comes forward to give their first speech about a topic they are most familiar with…themselves. I picked up my pen

The Dog Ate It…

If I were to start a “free discussion group’ or a platform where we all share what we believe to be the cause(s) of our perceived problems’ or life challenges, I’m almost 95% sure that the fault or maybe the ‘real’ and ‘actual’ fault isn’t

Life is All About Trust!

A powerful and strong determinant of any relationship, perhaps the ONLY determinant of the future of anyone both career wise, financial wise as well as emotionally is Trust. Nothing and absolutely nothing happens without trust, its like a cycle of life, okay let’s examine it.

True Freedom!

When you stop living for people without care of what they think or say, then you really start being alive. Stop caring to be perfect cause you truly can’t, if we could, we wouldn’t need His grace. You don’t know what you’re capable of doing

How to Find Peace in a World of Conflict.

  The great Christmas theme is,  Peace on earth and goodwill to all.  We all desire peace yet it seems to be such an elusive quality. When you look deeply into the human mind you find a state of agitation which drives all conflict, and

Success Language….

Success, for many decades, have been given various definitions… Earl Nightingale, Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor, Napoleon hill and loads of other great speakers and writers have said so much about that word. Some people even attributes it to material possessions and power acquisition. Well, one

If 29 Year Old Me Were Coaching 21 Year Old Me…

This is a Guest Post from a Dear Friend of Mine Whom I challenged to take up the challenge to Write for I knew she was a Natural…. Proof me wrong in this post if You can. She has asked that I publish this anonymously

Success: Mastering the Art of Surprises

Wonder how to deal with those twists and turns in the journey to success? Get your notebook out as your coach, Adeola gives you the insider take on it Have you ever been faced with a very critical situation in your life where you are