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Category Archives: Compassion

Kindness and Compassion

My readers and those that follow me on social media know that while writing is my passion, I do have a day job that pays the bills – at least until writing takes over. In that day job, I work with special needs adults. The

The Eyes Have It!

Communication – that word that means all kinds of things. Interaction with others. Talking. Making eye contact. Writing. Texting. Tweeting. Post on Facebook. But what it means to me is just understanding and letting someone know my thoughts and feelings. Working with special needs adults

Poetic Tuesday: Heartitude

We hear it Wear it Beat it Feel it Need it Bleed it Who broke it Stole it Lost it Charmed it Cheered it Calmed it Where do broken ones go? Who can unbreak it? How does it go on? Why so overwhelmed? When will

Blank Fridays: Helping Hands….

| Inspiration | Call to Action | Making a Difference | Helping Others | – By Trevlyn Ainsworth We cannot help everyone all of the time, but we can certainly help somebody every day. This thought has been rolling around in my mind for some time

Creative Mondays: The Chains….

Someone once said ‘we live all our life time in chains wishing and wishing, not knowing we have the key.’  The key is right there my friend!  Every problem has a solution; every mis-calculated mistake has a correction. So sad to say the solution hurts…the mistake

Poetic Wednesday: Just There!

Going through the motions Blank-whelming emotions Dull cloud of emptiness Sadness – just there Sitting still in boardrooms Hearing nothing but windyness When words are useless Meaningless – just there Picking the phone mindless Staring the walls thoughtless No pysche of spirit senseless Lifeless –

Tuesday Musings: When Truth is Not Enough!

We often say the ‘truth will set free’ or ‘say it like it is’. And somehow with that said, we should get comfort that we have done our part; and it’s over to the other party now, I suppose. Wonder if you have ever considered

Creative Mondays: Compasssion

Compassion is such an underestimated word. We fail to come to grasps with the gravitational effects a simple word we say, or emotion we emit, can have on someone. We have no shame in calling someone fat, stupid, ugly, or a loser, while we think