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Stone Vs Clay: Pick One

Clay is molded. Stones are carved. All are made to the shape of your choice. It got me thinking, stone is carved by the use of a sharp object while clay is molded using bear hands; which one is perfect to work with? I think

What’s Your Come From?

I have shared here before that I try my best to follow the practices of The Four Agreements, an ancient Toltec wisdom. And for the most part, I do pretty well. Let me remind you of the Four Agreements: 1          Be impeccable with your word

The Journey of The Heart….

Every heart has a journey, what journey has your heart taken!   Moment to Reflect: Its hard to explain and yet everything the heart has felt. The journey of the heart is a personal journey and the journey of the heart can feel like a

Burn, Baby, Burn!

How often do we settle for what we have been told is the “right” thing to do? You know what I mean! The right career, the right partner, the right this, the right that! Don’t cause waves! Just let it flow! I have settled many

Give It To Time….

Time has a way of dealing with things, better than we could ever thought possible. Time heals, time tells, is there anything time can not do? Moment to reflect: The pain was unbearable, the pain was real and the pain felt like forever. If you’ve

The Treasure Sacrifice…

God values our obedience more than anything else. He is not pleased by us being defiant. It’s not once or twice that I have viewed God as being so harsh and unfair especially when I’ve done things contrary to His word. It’s because He loves

That First Stroke…

I sat at my laptop today just sitting as I searched for those perfect words to share. Those words that convey my heart and my soul. Some piece of wisdom spoken from personal experiences that could save the world – or at least come across

The Runners and The Walkers…

“It’s either you are running away or walking towards something.”   The runners and the walkers, which one are you? There are two kinds of situations in life, in which our decisions stems from and it’s important to be very clear. Are you running away

Success: You Have ALL You Need…

The truth and magnitude of the statement ‘all you may ever want or need in life has been given to you‘ keeps hitting me at new and different angle and weight every other time. I used to not regard those words at first especially when

Ubuntu, The Software that Powers Our Humanity…

Our interconnected-ness is inevitable.  Our humanity is shared.  Our essence and being and values are universal. We belong to the human race,  the human family.  One blood,  same dreams and aspirations unite us. So why the hypocrisy of difference.  Why the fallacies and misconceptions of us versus