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Hold Your Space…

“You cannot see your reflection in running water, only in still waters” ~Elizabeth Gilbert~ What is holding your space? Are you in charge? are you mindful to yourself? Moment to Reflect: I’ve since realized how I get so emotionally engaged in my challenges that I

90 Day B&B Challenge – Week 1, Day 7

As Promised last Sunday, I will be sharing my Journey on the 90 Day B&B Challenge at least on a weekly basis on key nuggets and perspectives picked in my experience. Here is what have covered so far in the past 7 Days Genesis  Ephesians Philippians

One with Nature: Let them be!

//\ One with Nature… breath in its sights and sounds in this therapeutic post |: By Adeola How closer can anyone feel to natureWith the sounds of crickets so close in the dead of the nightThe soft and gentle breeze against the faceBirds chirpingThe sound

Poetic Tuesday: Surreal Soulstice 

Eyes like a blue cat,Hair like a dandelionFairy eyed like a museAnd a lunar smile Phenomenally queer Oscillating like oceans Time so still and distant There was no hesitation Artistic impressions Couldn’t capture Beyond words Just a gaze Lostness ethereal surreal for real aura ghoul soul spirit

Who am I: The Eternal Question of Identity

I’m not my name I’m not where I come from or where I’ve been I’m not my story, my history or what’s happened in the past I’m not where I live or where I’m going I’m not what I do, what I have, hope to

Life: We Are Inextricably Bound

We are inextricably bound. Our destiny is tied together By the tapestry of our common humanity The chemistry of our existence The DNA and biology of our uniqueness We are one at our core – pluribus unum! Strengthened through diversity Emboldened by adversity United in

Timspirational Weekend: It’s a Man’s World!

Think of all the money The gravitas for power Think of fast cars and toys The need for speed and aces Think of heavy war artillery The appetite for war and battle Think of rockets and comets The desire to explore other planets Think of

#TBT: Woman, A Flower!

Made to flourish beauty of humanity Child of awe and mysterious wonder Subtle, soft the ultimate sophistication Drive boys crazy the perfect intoxication Fragrance that draws butterfly kisses Nectary that brings the bees dancing Sense and sensibility with cockles of cheer Charm, Consideration and Charisma

Beautiholic : The Bright Morning Star!

Woke up this morning to amazement and wonder.  Driving out of the house just before 5 in the morning to be greeted by the bright and morning star on the skies, it’s the first time in living memory I became aware of its presence. I couldn’t help but marvel at it’s magnificence and engage in conversation with my driver as we made our way to the airport.