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Try Again!

I sat in my office this morning thinking about the past few weeks. If you follow me on Twitter, then you know that I am in a movement that is asking for freedom of speech to be upheld for all writers. I thought about what

Feeling Versus Doing…

You know one word I believe should be eliminated from the English language? Its the ‘feel’ word. I believe too much relevance and credence has been given to that word and the action that follows suit are usually strong willed and determined, sometimes tilting towards

#Timspirational: The Lost Art of Customer Service

  You know it when you see it! Yes when someone steps out of their corner, their place of convenience and comfort and truly reaches out to serve another with the true heart of customer service. Sad but true this is rather uncommon, and whenever found is always truly pleasurable

Blank Fridays: At the Airport…. 

So I had a really interesting day today at the airport. So I went to drop myApp as she was travelling East, and a very interesting turn of events begins… The spontaneous me, spots a porter and sends them to task to assist my App

Creative Mondays: Of Creativity and Enterprise..

Creativity and Enterprise are two sides of the same coin. They are the Yin and the Yang that makes success. Think about it. Ideas fuels enterprise, enterprise fuels enterprise. Or does it? Here are some eye-opening reminders Creativity is innate. We are all born to

90 Days B$B Challenge: The Launch

======== Today I begin a 90 Day Bible and Business  Challenge. The idea is to have read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation over the next 90 Days as I chronicle, reflect and work on potential Business ideas over the same period. To keep me

Creative Mondays: The Art of Excuses..

Oft we live in glass houses, but we throw stones and we forget that… We theorize, imagine and dream.. yes, we oft get caught in the world of idealism Ideals and ideas are great, and if wishes were horses…. We tell tales and give excuses,

Creative Mondays: Start Today, Never Let your Idea Die in your Head!

I felt cornered when I got an e-mail clearly stating that this space is mine to fill for this week….this is quite a challenge as I have been very scared to put pen to paper for some years now, call it laziness or whatever, I