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Favour: The GRACE Principle!

Favour is one of those sweet things that elevate us and makes us feel good and grateful. Of course, it may make others feel envious, jealous or annoyed.  Favour is an act of goodwill, kindness, preference and benevolence beyond what is usual or what is due.  Simply

Timspirational Weekend: Sorry Say No to Worry!

  There is no greater robber of joy and happiness in our lives than fear and worry.  Worry nibbles away at our tomorrow at today’s expense.  It takes away the marrow, the core of our existence and never at any point is it worth it.  It

Hope: The TRUST Principle

Hope is about the believe for a better tomorrow; the fundamental trust that all shall be well. In fact in the olden English, hope is defined as the feeling of Trust.  Hope coupled with faith can be a powerful combination.  It animates the soul to

Life: Hold on to Hope, Don’t Give Up!

Hold on to hope, don’t give up And my soul sayed Though it be tough Don’t let up the rope, holp up Lies will not stand Truth prevails And my soul sayed Though it be long Hold fast to Truth, It will save your soul

Generousity: The GIVE Principle!

For God so loved the world that he GAVE his only begotten son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life – John 3:16 (Famous Sunday School Memory Verse) Generousity is expressed in Giving and is such an important ingredient and

Pray: The ASK Principle

So what is the A.S.K Principle?  Perhaps you may have heard of it, or perhaps not.  It is an important ingredient of our day to day life and overall success. We all have needs, and for those needs to be met the A.S.K Principle is the

Faith: Hello Tomorrow!

We have dreams and goals. In fact as March begins, some of us reflect on some of the goals or resolutions we may have set at the beginning of the year. Oh, how time flies! It was only yesterday that 2014 began and now we