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A New Day Has Begun….

  To change is to grow,  to learn is to evolve,  to live is to constantly change and evolve. As a family we have experienced so much in our human experience so many months into the year, so many significant things have come to pass

Little Princess Z!

They grow so fast One month today Charming beauty Smiley cute face Daddy’s Pride Mummy’s face Delightful Darling! Yawning Feeding Sleeping Cleaning We are Grateful We Thank God For the Gift of you Happy first month!  

The Art of Baby Whispering!

Just turned 3 weeks in this business of being a daddy this week… And what a beautiful journey it has been.  Yeah,  I have even mastered the most coveted skill of all…. The Art of Baby Whispering! Well there is nothing more desirable than an

An Unexpected Treasure

Have you ever had one of those weeks that just seemed to throw stones and rocks into your path? Maybe it was one of those gut wrenching weeks that whatever you did, it was the wrong thing? Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. That

Poetic Tuesday: The Swaddling!

The journey of nines comes to end The fruit of love and prayer Bundle of joy, a meek cry The swaddling The blip to bump The miracle of creation The gift of life The Swaddling Sleepless nights Tosses and turns Pains and discomfort The Swaddling

Mothers Day: Motherhood in An African Context

Mothers, they bring love and life to the world. We celebrate them today for that.  Thank you & Happy Mothers Day! ~ timitude #MothersDay #Quotes #Mothers Motherhood is a universal concept that is embodied differently based on culture and context.  For example the Western world

Dubious Generousity…

Someone once mentioned that there is always a reason and purpose for everything, well, my most recent observation is that there usually also is a ‘motive‘ for ‘giving‘. From our early years, we have been taught principles and values, of love and mutual respect, of

Timspirational: 2015… The Road Ahead!

New Year, New Aspirations. A New You! In Him is; Health, Wealth, Happiness and Hope And All We need is Him! I have always found it easier to simplify or summarize my aspirations and goals for a new season into a few words and concepts.

The Law of Providence and Learnings from my Little Girl

You know those days when parenting just forces you to look in the mirror and do a self assessment? Well, yesterday has to be it for me. As it is the season of love and sharing, a kind stranger, on our way out, gave my

Relationships Thursday: Of Birthdays, Anniversaries and Weddings…    

This is a BIG Deal… especially if you are a woman. And if you are “date-heavy“… as my co-host Janice would call it. Be Forewarned!   So it happens that I’m home alone, my App being away to attend our friend’s wedding in the seas