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Poetic Tuesday: Perfect Stranger…

  She was but a dream Object of madness The whirlwind of passion Laughter like a chime The foray of adventure The clinking of glasses The twinkling of lashes Her beauty unquenched The thudding of hearts Rhythm and rhyme That pace and pause The pendulum

Poetic Tuesday: Oh, She Danced…

Oh She danced, She waltzed and sashayed She swayed and twisted She flipped and twirled Oh she danced Oh she danced And swayed Like a feather In the wind She danced And tranced Like her life Was the dance She danced so soulfully Like a

Poetic Tuesdays: Dream Girl

She was trim,The perfect thinShe had a grinon her chinShe had winkThat made you thinkShe was the IT girlShe had mild eyesFaintly and fairThat daintily dancedTo the tune of sexy Her dimpleSaid innocentHer wink Said hey ya!Her grinSaid was-supYeah She was that damselThe perfect daydreamThe object of blissAnd

Timspirational Series: The Garden

  It had been such a long time for Mrs. McGool; she had been away from the farm for several years now since her husband passed on.  The farm had always been that place of early love and romance. It’s had been home for the