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The Black Hole…

Unhappiness or negativity is a disease on our planet ~ Eckhart Tolle ~   Have you ever reached a point in your life that you asked your self this question, “how did I get myself here??” beware of the black hole. Moment to Reflect: It started

What YOU Want, Wants YOU Too!

What you want, wants you too! “Everyone knows what they want, they just dismiss it because they don’t believe they can have it”. How often do we pursue what we want? Truth be told we give ourselves all sorts of excuses, why we can’t have

Blank Fridays: In the Kitchen…

I rarely get to the kitchen, but when I do I like to raise the temperatures and cook up a storm. Oh no, trust me when I say I’m that random, risky even in the kitchen. Yeah, believe me, every time I’m in that  area 

Blank Fridays: An Endless Search

Enjoy this thought provoking piece from our friend Nelson Kennedy – Wishing you a Lovely Friday and Weekend! Have you ever looked for something only to find it in a place you ignored or never imagined it could be! Car-keys that were on the coffee

Blank Fridays: Taking a moment

Take a moment.… to drink in this beautiful piece from the amazing Maggy…. Be Inspired! A deep breathe whoa!!! There’s a lot more to life than what we see or feel. There is a divine power from that controls everything around us whether we want

Blank Fridays: Life…

Go with the flow; feel free this Friday with this eloquent and flowing piece from Rosemary Kananu…on Life… What can one write about life? Life is so big and so wide yet a brief moment in time. A momentous flash in the universe, yet a

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Blank Fridays: AFTERMATH!

And He emerges from I-don’t-know-where…. with this eerie post, that has a hauntingly feel… but the end result is nothing short of spectacular…here is Nelson Kennedy unchained.. Aftermath! Mommy was right when she insisted baby Jeen was never to be left playing alone. It was

Blank Fridays: You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know!

+|| Knowledge +| Work + | Philosophy + | Thinking + | Perspectives + || +|| By Olivia Nghaamwa As a graduate entering the work place for the first time, armed with what I thought was all the knowledge I needed, the statement or question


😐 Perspective 😐 Inspiration 😐 Fridays 😐 Relationships  😐 with Nelson Kennedy –  It’s different: The beautiful Thursday relationship piece titled ‘Treat it Different’ from Nancy Wyna enticed me to talk about this. I echo the line from her mentor “If you want something to

Blank Fridays:IT BLINKS at The END!

::: We often feel like quitting after a few attempts, be inspired not to quit too soon with this amazing post from Nelson Kennedy “The attempt to create light in a bulb failed 10,000 times before it was successful by a single person (Thomas Edison). Can you