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Kindness and Compassion

My readers and those that follow me on social media know that while writing is my passion, I do have a day job that pays the bills – at least until writing takes over. In that day job, I work with special needs adults. The


I received a huge “Aha!” moment this week. I am a misfit! I am sharing this with you now because I hope to explain some of my own personal viewpoints. I imagine that someone else may be experiencing the same feelings, thoughts, or whatever it

Friends Forever!

“A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words” – Unknown I couldn’t agree more with this remarkable quote. Friendships in life always paint happiness and fulfillment in our hearts.

Be Your Own Hero!

I was listening to my playlist this morning while getting dressed for the day. One of my favorite songs is Landslide by Stevie Nicks. Why? It speaks to me. Have I said how music affects me? I think I have, but if not? Well, I

Access The Information

I had a tremendous opportunity this past week to fight a fight of freedom of expression. Throughout the whole process, I realized something about myself. I really enjoy fighting for right! I knew that before, but I really put my heart in this. And the

An Unexpected Treasure

Have you ever had one of those weeks that just seemed to throw stones and rocks into your path? Maybe it was one of those gut wrenching weeks that whatever you did, it was the wrong thing? Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. That

Life’s Adventure

I was pleasantly surprised and impressed yesterday when I opened my Facebook page to find that a long time friend and colleague had embarked on an adventure of a lifetime, a noble walk from the city we lived in which happens to be the largest

What Christ Taught Me…

In life, different people enlighten us in different but remarkable ways. They could be our relatives, friends, colleagues or even strangers. They teach us various principles that we intend to live by. Through such chalk talks, I have had so many teachings that I have

Relationships Thursday: Of Birthdays, Anniversaries and Weddings…    

This is a BIG Deal… especially if you are a woman. And if you are “date-heavy“… as my co-host Janice would call it. Be Forewarned!   So it happens that I’m home alone, my App being away to attend our friend’s wedding in the seas

Poetic Tuesday: Likeability..

  Some people we can’t help We just like ‘em We couldn’t hate ‘em We wish we were with ‘em   No reasons why We can’t even explain We just like ‘em We just can’t help   People we love we can hate People we