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Goodbyes Are Hard….

Courtesy: I said goodbye this past weekend to my beloved Bay Area. I have lived there for 10 years and loved it there. I met some wonderful people, and I met some that were not so wonderful. I had huge successes there and epic

Poetic Tuesday: Perfect Stranger…

  She was but a dream Object of madness The whirlwind of passion Laughter like a chime The foray of adventure The clinking of glasses The twinkling of lashes Her beauty unquenched The thudding of hearts Rhythm and rhyme That pace and pause The pendulum

Poetic Tuesday: The Linger… Pt II

Here a Rejoinder to The Linger…. by The Fabulous Dominique… Dear Poetic Tuesday, I have been waiting. I did what you said, said what you did. I took my time this time, I promise. Slowly and silently, I lived my dream. In one moment, I

Creative Mondays: How Do You Eat an Elephant?

This week we feature professional belly dancer and performance artist Z-Helene in our Creative Mondays Blog… make sure to stop by and check it out and be inspired by this and all the other featured creatives from past weeks. And thought to share the ultra-hilarious

Creative Mondays: Creativity is My Life!

Yes, indeed, I couldn’t live a day without it. I’m an addict, can’t help but dream, imagine and create. I’m obsessed with creating, thinking.  Becoming! Ooh, I like to break the rules. Ask my wife, creativity is my life don’t dare send me to the kitchen.  I will cook up

Timspirational Weekend: But I wouldn’t stop there….

But I wouldn’t stop there…. What could be more enticing than success? Baking your cake and eating it… calling the shots, calling the tunes… Really, the fancied and awed world of glamour and success. Knowing people, being and brushing shoulders with the ‘who is who’;

Poetic Tuesday: I’M…

I’m a simple man Simple but complex I’m humble fellow Humble but proud I’m an easy chap Easy but intense I’m a fair lad Fair but mean I’m a fun guy Fun but serious I’m a honest dude Honest but I lie! I’m a strong


😐 Perspective 😐 Inspiration 😐 Fridays 😐 Relationships  😐 with Nelson Kennedy –  It’s different: The beautiful Thursday relationship piece titled ‘Treat it Different’ from Nancy Wyna enticed me to talk about this. I echo the line from her mentor “If you want something to

Poetic Tuesday: She Said it’s OK!

She Said it’s OK! And I filled in the blanksThoughts and imaginationsSoaredIt felt rightAs long she was all rightShe said it was fineSo my mind soaredAnd took the planeThinking all sorts of thingsIt must be fine indeedIf she said soShe said it was niceAnd I was filled with

Creative Mondays: Of Creativity and Coffee!

I have often wondered whether there was any link between the two. Actually, I conjured there must be. And if there wasn’t I was going to make up one.. so here we go! I have had a few inspired moments sipping away at a cuppa, pen