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Liebster Award Nomination: Yippee! We’ve done it Again!

  So as it were, We have been nominated again for yet another award This time round for the Liebster award by the lovely Mou Mishra. Thoroughly humbled by this and truely grateful…. Thank you so much Mou we accept this nomination with humility and gratitude

Wacky Wednesday: Life in the SkyLine_

From a far it’s a beautiful tall buildings scenery, wait till you find yourself within it – it’s kinda you are lost in a jungle full of gigantic buildings. Things moving fast in the city, everyone is in a hurry never minding about others business.  They

Geekology: Mourning my S!

So my S died Oh no such sad news I couldn’t contain my emotions Oh no such bad news I walked the stalls in town Oh no sorry inconsolable! So dazed feeling lost Oh no such pain of separation! I had lost a close ally Oh