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I Did it!

Anyone who knows me well knows that I have been attending college for the past four years. It has been challenging and often maddening, but I made it through. It really doesn’t matter what I majored in or what my career plans are. I am

Who are your Teachers?

Just yesterday I had my sister come visit me at the office and she came with a friend with whom I wasn’t too familiar with hence the meeting was a little bit awkward. My sister, for the past few days have been going on about

Creative Mondays: The Art of Excuses..

Oft we live in glass houses, but we throw stones and we forget that… We theorize, imagine and dream.. yes, we oft get caught in the world of idealism Ideals and ideas are great, and if wishes were horses…. We tell tales and give excuses,


||Pause|| What is stopping you from your dream? |-| As always here to challenge you to your success….Adeola|-| – I hear the whispers everywhere Their voices echo here and there I just can’t shake them off my head I think I’m gonna lose my mind

 Potential: The CAPACITY Principle!

Potential speaks of latent abilities and capacity to evolve into something useful or significant in the future. The explore more about this principle, we look at the acrostic CAPACITY. Capability  Speaks of inherent powers and abilities, what is available within. Taking stock of our current

Creative Mondays: The Purpose of Creativity!

Solve problems Necessity is the mother of invention Without creativity and human ingenuity,  problems would not be solved, challenges would not be overcome – and perhaps humanity would not have survived this long! Inventions, innovations and new creation have only been possible because there was

Liebster Award Nomination: Yippee! We’ve done it Again!

  So as it were, We have been nominated again for yet another award This time round for the Liebster award by the lovely Mou Mishra. Thoroughly humbled by this and truely grateful…. Thank you so much Mou we accept this nomination with humility and gratitude

Creative Mondays: Shine My Little star Shine!

We should never be so quick to throw away our dreams because of the difficulties we face, life stops the moment we stop dreaming! ~ Nancy Wyna There are times when you feel like almost giving up in life. You feel as if you have

Creative Mondays: Life, 5 Things I Know For Sure!

  It’s All about Relationships: Invest and Build It is always and it will always be about Relationships.  Life is all about people. Things and tools are useful but in the end relationships is what matters. I have learnt its all about people. Esteeming and

Psalm360: My Life is a Poem, a Psalm, a Song

I was reminiscing this the other day, the ever important question of gift, talent or unpardonable passion. Clear as day it occurred to me that I have always relished in writing.  As long as I can remember it has always been my point of refuge