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You Were Born to Conquer…. Its Heaven Certified!

When you know who you are, nobody can convince you otherwise. When you realize your purpose, you absolutely live it. Well, it’s a new year and I’m sure of one thing – my identity. I am also sure of another thing – my purpose. I

The Treasure Sacrifice…

God values our obedience more than anything else. He is not pleased by us being defiant. It’s not once or twice that I have viewed God as being so harsh and unfair especially when I’ve done things contrary to His word. It’s because He loves

Mothers Day: Motherhood in An African Context

Mothers, they bring love and life to the world. We celebrate them today for that.  Thank you & Happy Mothers Day! ~ timitude #MothersDay #Quotes #Mothers Motherhood is a universal concept that is embodied differently based on culture and context.  For example the Western world

Creative Mondays Question and Feature of The Week!

Thanks to all #CreativeMondays Family for your enthusiastic sharing as always on today’s #CreativeMondays Question of the Week that was shared today thanks to @Entiretyinbits Question: Pen name or no pen name & why? Ok. This time round will just share the overall sentiment and

The Idea of Home: Where’s Home?

The idea of home is one of those fascinating and some cases difficult conversations. It’s an interesting one; every so often we are asked this all important question in various social forum’s we find ourselves.  So where do you come from?   Would be the typical

The World Within….

There is a world within-a world of thought, feeling and power; of light and beauty and although invisible, it’s forces are mighty ~ Charles Haanel ~ A true reflection of your world, the world that lives within you.   Moment to Reflect: I almost want to

Confident and Determined!

“I’m confident and determined.” These two great words speak volumes the moment we speak them out. Sometimes it’s not easy to say that we are confident especially when we have gone through devastating moments in our lives. In Deuteronomy 31:7-8, Joshua had to succeed Moses

True Freedom!

When you stop living for people without care of what they think or say, then you really start being alive. Stop caring to be perfect cause you truly can’t, if we could, we wouldn’t need His grace. You don’t know what you’re capable of doing

Identity: Who Are You?

  I believe everyone at some point in their lives needs to ask themselves this question and if you have never asked your self this question I challenge you to do so. Who are you? Moment to Reflect: I grew up in a very strict

Who am I: My Identity

One day Jesus asked His disciples, “Who do people say the Son of Man is?” They replied that some called Him Elijah, others John the Baptist, others Jeremiah and even others one of the prophets. But He wanted to know who the disciples said He