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I’ll Win IT!

I got this imagination. And now it has become a reality. I can see it crystal clear through my eyes. I looked at this case: when soldiers go into battle, they are always armed to the tooth, with all the powerful weapons and one mindset.

Poetic Tuesday: Thank God…

For the people who despised you They built your resolve muscle For the people who said NO They made you learn endurance For those who gave up on you They gave you reason to vote for you For those who laughed and cajoled They made

Poetic Tuesday: The Girl, The Lady and The Woman

The girl she was yearned for the lady She could be and the lady in her Reminded her of the woman she was becoming… She was now a big girl But not a lady yet A pretty princess though Some would almost say a woman

The iTude Code

To Always Be Thankful And not compare Stick to your lane Run your race Learn to enjoy life Dream for tomorrow Live for this moment Unwrap the gift of today Laugh, live and make merry And not be afraid to take risks As they are

Relationships Thursday: The Mirror of Your Relationship

Relationships are relentless in mirroring back to us all that we need to be aware of, heal and transform. The common trap is to make the other person wrong and believe they need to change in some way for the relationship to improve. Truly transformational

Who Am I?: The IDENTITY Principle

Who am I, perhaps remains one of the biggest topics questions in to answer in this lifetime. In this post, we address this question from a Principle perspective. Once again, we use the acrostic IDENTITY to give us a mapping on the Who am I

Poetic Tuesday: I’M…

I’m a simple man Simple but complex I’m humble fellow Humble but proud I’m an easy chap Easy but intense I’m a fair lad Fair but mean I’m a fun guy Fun but serious I’m a honest dude Honest but I lie! I’m a strong

Poetic Tuesday: Walk With Me…

|| Reflections || Prayer || Perspective || Inspiration by Olivia Nghaamwa Walk this journey with me oh Lord For on my own I am useless On my own I am destructive On my own I am lonely On my own I am clueless On my

Fathers Day: Lessons from My Father…. 

I will not be-labour the fact that mothers and womanity has stolen the thunder when it comes to the celebration of such days. Certainly, Mothers Day is a more colourful affair and Fathers Day pales in comparison. I guess this is understandable in our world

Psalm360 Sunday: Still…

Calm Settled Serene Immovable Unshakeable Firm Solid Strong Steadfast Above the noise Above the storm Above the turmoil Unswerving Unperturbed Unmoved Trusting Believing Knowing That He That promised Is Faithful