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#Timspirational: From Tim With Love!

Dear Tim Tonight I toast to you, the man I’ve known, the Tim with Attitude or whatever you are or choose to be in the seasonade ahead. Tonight I reflect on the journey of the year past; the lessons and learnings of a season, the

If 29 Year Old Me Were Coaching 21 Year Old Me…

This is a Guest Post from a Dear Friend of Mine Whom I challenged to take up the challenge to Write for I knew she was a Natural…. Proof me wrong in this post if You can. She has asked that I publish this anonymously

Dear December…

Yes! Did 11 months just whisk away so fast? Can you believe it! Well, I guess it just did… and here we are on the first day. After the Grace of Thanksgiving, the rush of black Friday and Cyber Monday… the last darling month of

Dear November,

You begin with a new sense of direction. The season past folded in style, the celebration and acknowledgment of all that was beautiful. The celebration of moments, relationships, friendship, opportunity and the journey forward. November a new season and direction, yes with new opportunities, new relationships,

Dear October,

Dear October, Spring came and never said much. Things looking up. Closer to the goal now more than ever. Missing family and friends, all dear people. Somewhat, somehow reminiscing the past to embrace the future. Truly missing home. That little cradle where I was born. The

Letters: Dear August…

August breezes, time for new beginnings. Battery recharged, time to refocus. Just past half time. New strategy and new energy. Time to get back to the ring. Sometimes, the best therapy for a dreamer is sleep. Sleep to rest the soul, and quiet the imagination.

Letters: Dear July,

How can I say this.  I have been waiting for you with anticipation. Time to pop the champagne after the toil and tussle.  Yeah, the hustle may not be over yet, but it’s time to throw a celebration anyway!  May not be wild, or even

Letters: Dear June…

Dear June, I approach this season bolder than ever, sure of seeing goodness in the land of the living.  Even with the howling winds, the falling leaves as the season simmers to winter.  Never have I been so certain of greater things coming as now. 

Letters: Dear May…

  May Day! May Day! – it’s getting colder in my part of the world – heading to Winter! I know others will frown, but I’m a summer baby love.  Shorter days,  longer nights here we go! I have never been full of ambition,  or felt