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Access The Information

I had a tremendous opportunity this past week to fight a fight of freedom of expression. Throughout the whole process, I realized something about myself. I really enjoy fighting for right! I knew that before, but I really put my heart in this. And the

Discomfort and Growth

Discomfort is a catalyst for massive growth.   ~Rhonda Cort ~ When ever there’s irritation/complaint of any sort about something/anything it’s an indication that you are resisting something in your life that is already and prepared for your growth. Pay attention to your discomforts and allow


||-Spirituality-||-Sunday-||-Reflections-||-Lessons-|| Relish these soulful reflections and lessons for the soul… such divine wisdom as shared by Olivia Nghaamwa In the last couple of weeks I found myself having to listen to understand, having to speak to be understood, to provide only the help that is


||Pause|| What is stopping you from your dream? |-| As always here to challenge you to your success….Adeola|-| – I hear the whispers everywhere Their voices echo here and there I just can’t shake them off my head I think I’m gonna lose my mind

Blank Fridays: Appreciating The Gift of Friendship!

    My buddies for life Iyvonne and Warren. I just love these two kids, they are just kids!  Iyvonne (from the left) where did i first met her? Let me remember ……Yah, way back before i met Warren, mmm, life really is moving so

Creative Mondays: Do You Compliment or Do You Compete?

    There are people in life who never cherish or relish the success of others. Often they would offer a competing tale, line or story to keep the spotlight on them. Often they would interrupt you mid sentence to tell you of their escapades or recent venture, and

Listen: Live the Significant Life

Listen to the inner conversations of your soul. Hear the sound and leading of destiny. Hear the vibrations and frequency, The rhythm of life that determines your pace, The stream of thought oozing out of your essence, they set the tone of your presence Rivers