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Love, Beyond Words…

When I lack the words to say And my pen falters still May it mean even more That the winds will bring it home That the birds will sing for you That the flowers will make you smile And that you’ll know I’ve loved you

Staying True to Yourself

The past week’s events in Paris threw the entire world into darkness. What became so evident to me during the news coverage was that it wasn’t just attacks in Paris, but attacks in Kenya this past Spring and attacks in Beirut just days before the

Chronicles of Love…

/ This Poem has been shared anonymously My heart misses you Nay, my heart bleeds for you Sometimes weighs heavily within my chest My heart vividly remembers the love T’was as if we had a child die All those hopes and dreams vanished You are

Poetic Tuesday: Love is Madness

There’s a madness called love Found in friends and among lovers The wiles of desire to want Even more to be wanted And often true that we feel So attracted to fatale’s The kind you like But lead to no good There is a madness

Poetic Tuesday: It Wasn’t Me!

its not you, its me she said she was so kind i thought Dont worry I said I will fix it No worries she said Its fine. Thank you! I said and smiled She gave me a hard hug, A prickly kiss Winked at me

Mothers Day: Motherhood in An African Context

Mothers, they bring love and life to the world. We celebrate them today for that.  Thank you & Happy Mothers Day! ~ timitude #MothersDay #Quotes #Mothers Motherhood is a universal concept that is embodied differently based on culture and context.  For example the Western world

You are Worthy!

If you listened to the Creative Mondays podcast a couple weeks ago, you know I write under my pen name, Camille Wylde. And this is the persona most know me under. I do this for a reason – mainly to protect my privacy and that

Self Love: The Art of Loving Thyself!

Music has always been a huge part of my life. Last year, I used music as a muse for journaling my inner growth. Some were posted on my blog, Dancing Naked from my Heart. This is one of those that became an important piece and

Greatest Challenge: Love For All!

He hears the cry of the broken. Our God never sleeps nor slumbers. Even when our hearts are troubled, His warm embrace will keep us firm and we will have courage to face a new day. Jesus takes care of our tomorrow. As I recall

Relationships Thursday: The Tale of Love

This might sound like a fairy tale but at times I believe fairy tales at one point or another people experienced the reality of them. My story begins on summer of 2005 I was to travel to South Africa for a training. This was my