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Self Love: Put YOURSelf First!

I recently watched one of the most revealing interviews from the Oprah Winfrey’s life class series on why you should put yourself first. I could say it was a quite enlightening but then again, so is all of her interview session. This particular interview however,

Poetic Tuesday: My Weakness…

Love is mountains Tears are Valleys Laughter is oceans Sadness is rivers Rain is madness Sunshine is happiness Magic is Rainbow Life is flowers Beauty is eyes Weakness is you… My…  

#Timspirational: The Hunt, The Chase and The Dance….

The other day we were chatting on Relationships with my coach and cohost @TheJPD and somewhat the words ‘chase’, hunt and dance dropped into our conversation. You can catch this episode at our weekly hangout #MiddleofNowhereShow Now this week we celebrated our wedding anniversary,  just

Be My Valentine…

Be my Valentine…. I saw you and my eyes couldn’t escape They were ensnared like a bird on a string Every time you swayed past I couldn’t help but think… Could she be the one …? The smell of you enchantment! Unmistakable excitement! Blood rush

Relationships Thursday: Your Valentine Could Just be Right Next To YOU!

It is a feel good Wednesday as a usual I love enjoying Life because I know I only have one life to live and can’t allow anything to stress me up. Being single doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy life to the full it is in

Poetic Tuesday: The Linger… Pt II

Here a Rejoinder to The Linger…. by The Fabulous Dominique… Dear Poetic Tuesday, I have been waiting. I did what you said, said what you did. I took my time this time, I promise. Slowly and silently, I lived my dream. In one moment, I

Poetic Tuesday: The Look!

Don’t talk whisper Don’t you dare! Only dream No imaginations Crystal clear No Fancy words Just old style Penetrate me Look in the heart And let me Swoon away And know I’m yours Forever!

Fulfillment: You Are Looking For Yourself!

Anytime you expect something outside yourself to fulfill you, you are missing the point, the point of a deeper need, the point that nothing can ever fulfill you but yourself. Moment to reflect: This week I looked through my diaries/journals for past years and I

Poetic Tuesday: Moonlight!

Let it be Just the two of us Just shadows In the glazed light Let’s play our game Let us smile and giggle My eyes into yours Yours locked in the Now forever Let’s us dance away Let’s us sway the night Let us not

Motivation: Are you acting out of Love or Out of Fear?

“We either act out of LOVE or out of FEAR”! We all face circumstances that are challenging and maybe frustrating, not necessarily because we have done anything wrong but because the reality of life is such, we all go through something, somethings painful, somethings hurtful