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Poetic Tuesday: It Wasn’t Me!

its not you, its me she said she was so kind i thought Dont worry I said I will fix it No worries she said Its fine. Thank you! I said and smiled She gave me a hard hug, A prickly kiss Winked at me

#Timspirational: From Tim With Love!

Dear Tim Tonight I toast to you, the man I’ve known, the Tim with Attitude or whatever you are or choose to be in the seasonade ahead. Tonight I reflect on the journey of the year past; the lessons and learnings of a season, the

Relationships Thursday: Your Valentine Could Just be Right Next To YOU!

It is a feel good Wednesday as a usual I love enjoying Life because I know I only have one life to live and can’t allow anything to stress me up. Being single doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy life to the full it is in

Poetic Tuesday: Thank God…

For the people who despised you They built your resolve muscle For the people who said NO They made you learn endurance For those who gave up on you They gave you reason to vote for you For those who laughed and cajoled They made

Relationships Thursday: Letting Go!

In another candid piece, your Relationship Guru tells it like it is. Perhaps you don’t want to hear it, but sometimes you just gotta let it go. Here is another empowering piece from the lovely Nancy Wyna.. be emboldened!  Love is patient love is kind love

Relationships Thursday: LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED!

Betcha this is not your sentimental love for popcorn’s type of piece. In this post, meet your girl Nancy up-close and personal, and dare I say, she doesn’t mince her words; she knows what she wants. Read on.. Recently I went out with my girlfriends as we have always done at least

Fathers Day: Lessons from My Father…. 

I will not be-labour the fact that mothers and womanity has stolen the thunder when it comes to the celebration of such days. Certainly, Mothers Day is a more colourful affair and Fathers Day pales in comparison. I guess this is understandable in our world

On Mentorship: Your Thoughts and Suggestions..

Mentorship is a topic that often comes up, whenever there is a purpose engagement or presentation. A good example is this past weekend at the Heroes Mens Conference I attended at our local church this past weekend. The word was mentioned quite a few times

Timspirational Weekend: It’s a Man’s World!

Think of all the money The gravitas for power Think of fast cars and toys The need for speed and aces Think of heavy war artillery The appetite for war and battle Think of rockets and comets The desire to explore other planets Think of

Cracking The Code: What Do Men Want?

  We are not that complicated! They say it’s the food Yeah, just know which cuisine That’s the way to a Man’s heart! – We are simple as that! For some its all about ass Others personality and sass Just ask how do you like