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Slow and Steady…

When you hear people say ‘slow and steady’, what immediately comes to mind is the story of ‘the tortoise and the hare‘. I know this because its what happens with me, I’ve read and listened to this story over and over again so much so

Succeeding With Clear Intent

This is a Guest Post from My Mentor and Coach Clem McGrath, one of the 25 Timspirational People for 2014. Clem has graciously accepted to be sharing perspective and wisdom via every month. Enjoy this truly seasoned perspective on success and life Success means different things

If 29 Year Old Me Were Coaching 21 Year Old Me…

This is a Guest Post from a Dear Friend of Mine Whom I challenged to take up the challenge to Write for I knew she was a Natural…. Proof me wrong in this post if You can. She has asked that I publish this anonymously

The Law of Giving!

|| Inspiration || Giving || Abundance || Principles || Here is your weekly column with the vivacious Adeola… To Your Success… Like most of us, I have decided, albeit inadvertently, that I was gonna learn this rule of financial success from the oldest and supposedly ‘best’

Relationships Thursday: The Power of Association

Here is a beautiful rejoinder article to last weeks sizzling piece; from the lovely Adeola – Be Inspired!  Just last Thursday, I was reading an article from our dearest Nancy about relationships and I felt prompted to do a piece in relations to that (thanks

Fathers Day: Lessons from My Father…. 

I will not be-labour the fact that mothers and womanity has stolen the thunder when it comes to the celebration of such days. Certainly, Mothers Day is a more colourful affair and Fathers Day pales in comparison. I guess this is understandable in our world

Blank Fridays: The Boss!

“Nelson is our *** in operation?” (Boss asking) “Morning Sir, its working but out of 5 transactions only 1 will have a hitch though the cause is not from our end” (nelson replying) “Ensure that the *** link is up and running 24/7 without any

On Mentorship: Your Thoughts and Suggestions..

Mentorship is a topic that often comes up, whenever there is a purpose engagement or presentation. A good example is this past weekend at the Heroes Mens Conference I attended at our local church this past weekend. The word was mentioned quite a few times