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I’ll Win IT!

I got this imagination. And now it has become a reality. I can see it crystal clear through my eyes. I looked at this case: when soldiers go into battle, they are always armed to the tooth, with all the powerful weapons and one mindset.

Life is a stage, are you performing!

“I have one life and one chance to make it count for something…my faith demands that I do whatever I can, wherever I am, whenever I can, for as long as I can with whatever I have to try to make a difference”.~Jimmy Carter Think


My study on Matthew has been such an awesome one. It has been a new experience of my study on God’s word this year. Thanks to God and The Journey through the Bible family. Well, I resolved to read the Bible more deeply and I

Poetic Tuesday: Thank God…

For the people who despised you They built your resolve muscle For the people who said NO They made you learn endurance For those who gave up on you They gave you reason to vote for you For those who laughed and cajoled They made

Timspirational: 2015… The Road Ahead!

New Year, New Aspirations. A New You! In Him is; Health, Wealth, Happiness and Hope And All We need is Him! I have always found it easier to simplify or summarize my aspirations and goals for a new season into a few words and concepts.

Dear November,

You begin with a new sense of direction. The season past folded in style, the celebration and acknowledgment of all that was beautiful. The celebration of moments, relationships, friendship, opportunity and the journey forward. November a new season and direction, yes with new opportunities, new relationships,

Creative Mondays: Life, 5 Things I Know For Sure!

  It’s All about Relationships: Invest and Build It is always and it will always be about Relationships.  Life is all about people. Things and tools are useful but in the end relationships is what matters. I have learnt its all about people. Esteeming and

Listen: Live the Significant Life

Listen to the inner conversations of your soul. Hear the sound and leading of destiny. Hear the vibrations and frequency, The rhythm of life that determines your pace, The stream of thought oozing out of your essence, they set the tone of your presence Rivers

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10 Things – What’s worth fighting for

Its the first day of October, and i just came across this list of things i had written sometime back of things worth fighting for. Let me know what is worth fighting for you. I will expound on this thoughts in days to come. Freedom &