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Dance Your F—— Heart Out!

A very wise teacher told me one day that I should never believe that feeling sadness or loneliness was a bad emotion. She told me that I should always embrace my feelings and let them teach me the lesson I need to learn. I have

We Are Responsible

I have found myself getting caught up in the political rhetoric as the 2016 presidential campaign here in America trudges on. I have also found myself getting caught up in those social media battles between one perception and another. One thing I have noticed throughout

To The Memory of Gloria…

Yes you just appeared, a star that lit our skies You were the answer to our prayers You just showed up when we needed you You were a miracle, a blessing to us And we liked you, Need I say got used to you You

The Works of The Holy Spirit

Sometimes in life we long to have an inner voice to guide us on what to do. Other times we need an assurance that what we want to try is actually right. But do you know that we have a helper? Do you know that

Ubuntu, The Software that Powers Our Humanity…

Our interconnected-ness is inevitable.  Our humanity is shared.  Our essence and being and values are universal. We belong to the human race,  the human family.  One blood,  same dreams and aspirations unite us. So why the hypocrisy of difference.  Why the fallacies and misconceptions of us versus

Courage: I Dare YOU…

As kids, we used to the ‘I dare you to…….’ challenge a lot, its not anything like the truth or dare game we play these days but something similar. I remember on several occasions my older siblings will ‘dare me’ to report them to my

Brand New: The Old is Gone!

Have you ever thought of rearranging everything in your life and giving it a fresh start? It may sound a bit burdensome but it’s possible. I’m talking of giving away your entire life for someone who really cares to control and give you direction. At

Blank Fridays: Life and Death

This reflective piece is shared by Rosemary Kananu as a tribute to her friend’s son, who was laid to rest this past week at the tender age eighteen. Sincere condolences and prayers to the family even as this piece goes out. — Looking backwards from the

Poetic Tuesday: Vida

Memories Like trees Rooted In The Past Seasons Like moons Stuck In the Sky Breath Like wind Whizzing In the air People Like steel Rusting In the dust Life Like time Ebbs Into eternity  

Perspective: I LOVE IT!

When they lecture me When they laugh at me When they dare me When they scorn at me When they scoff at me even When they underestimate me When they write me off even When they strike me off When they leave me out even