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I received a huge “Aha!” moment this week. I am a misfit! I am sharing this with you now because I hope to explain some of my own personal viewpoints. I imagine that someone else may be experiencing the same feelings, thoughts, or whatever it

15 Years Ago…

Fifteen years ago, I had lost all hope in my life. Things seemed bleak and unfixable. Nothing I did turned out right, and I seemed to make only bad decisions and choices. One Sunday morning, I awoke and sat at my kitchen window, hopeless and

To The Memory of Gloria…

Yes you just appeared, a star that lit our skies You were the answer to our prayers You just showed up when we needed you You were a miracle, a blessing to us And we liked you, Need I say got used to you You

Poetic Tuesday: Sorrow of Setting a Bird Free…

Published Anonymously on request of the Author…  A sorry so deep A sorrow so crushingly deep A sorrow of indescribable depth and pain To have loved so deeply and held a bird so beautiful So beautiful to a point of heart break Finally letting that

Life: When Words and Feelings Fail

I write this piece not knowing it’s end.  All I know is that I woke up and my only hope of expression was writing. It’s my authentic self expression – my point of refuge when feeling is hollow,  and thinking is shallow. My Lift too

Timspirational Series: The Garden

  It had been such a long time for Mrs. McGool; she had been away from the farm for several years now since her husband passed on.  The farm had always been that place of early love and romance. It’s had been home for the

Poetic Wednesday: Just There!

Going through the motions Blank-whelming emotions Dull cloud of emptiness Sadness – just there Sitting still in boardrooms Hearing nothing but windyness When words are useless Meaningless – just there Picking the phone mindless Staring the walls thoughtless No pysche of spirit senseless Lifeless –