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Category Archives: Mutuality

Blank Fridays: At the Airport…. 

So I had a really interesting day today at the airport. So I went to drop myApp as she was travelling East, and a very interesting turn of events begins… The spontaneous me, spots a porter and sends them to task to assist my App

Poetic Tuesday: The One..

The perfect hour glass The cherry blossoms The real shizzle nizzle The tick tock tack Heavenly Angelic Galactic Aquarius Pick me up Can’t do without Save my soul Air I breath No mountain high No rivers wide No valleys low No-one but you… The one

Poetic Tuesday: Unrequited Love

Our worlds met and belonged Long before words were told The perfect picture and map Was drawn and cast a spell The frame of two who belonged The light of its shadow long The match made in heaven The God-sent tinder of my rib Flowers spoke not

Poetic Tuesday: Tango!

She had a ting’ He had a thing for her.. She wore her wings He brang that! Pride Lust Zest Who could stop Who knew what next Delectable Delightful Desire Lava for emotions Ice for ages Hormones raging Sages are fools Beans Bananas Bang! Windows

Relationships Thursday: The Power of Association

Here is a beautiful rejoinder article to last weeks sizzling piece; from the lovely Adeola – Be Inspired!  Just last Thursday, I was reading an article from our dearest Nancy about relationships and I felt prompted to do a piece in relations to that (thanks

Relationships Thursday: Why Don’t You Love Me?

Courtesy: *There was a boy she loved painfully through two school semesters. Months later she told me how she had taken pennies from my purse to buy him candy. ” Licorice  was his favourite and I bought him some everyday, but he still liked

Blank Fridays: I Thought…

…And there goes pain, heart ache, betrayal and …please borrow me a word… Thought we were friends, best pallies, meant to look out for each other? To answer all bugging questions and seek solution together? Thought you were my friend, in whom I confide in, in

Timspirational Weekend: Celebrating the Bond of Our Common Humanity

An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity ~ Martin Luther King, Jr. I woke up this morning with an emptiness of feeling in my emotional tank. I needed

Relationships Thursday: Why Being Unmarried is the secret to being Married!

  Have you met a couple that is so in love you wonder whether they are married? Or they are just dating? Often, this couple will be all over each other and you may even hear people saying ‘get a room’. If anything it appears

Creative Mondays: Do You Compliment or Do You Compete?

    There are people in life who never cherish or relish the success of others. Often they would offer a competing tale, line or story to keep the spotlight on them. Often they would interrupt you mid sentence to tell you of their escapades or recent venture, and