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😐 Perspective 😐 Inspiration 😐 Fridays 😐 Relationships  😐 with Nelson Kennedy –  It’s different: The beautiful Thursday relationship piece titled ‘Treat it Different’ from Nancy Wyna enticed me to talk about this. I echo the line from her mentor “If you want something to

Blank Fridays:IT BLINKS at The END!

::: We often feel like quitting after a few attempts, be inspired not to quit too soon with this amazing post from Nelson Kennedy “The attempt to create light in a bulb failed 10,000 times before it was successful by a single person (Thomas Edison). Can you

Blank Fridays: The Scriptures

:::>> Another inspired piece from Nelson Kennedy a.k.a Rev Kennedy… Be Inspired~ I had an old Bible that I gave to my brother Henry ‘somewhere’ back then. I call it old not because it’s a century old rather it is a bit frayed, uneven pen

Blank Fridays: It’s All Within You!

– –))) Be inspired by the Witty and Fun Nelson Kennedy… Have an easy, and inspired Friday! Kung Fu Panda 1 clearly illustrates the power of a blank mind. My favourite actor Pooh chosen to be the Dragon Master and save his city under evil