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I Did it!

Anyone who knows me well knows that I have been attending college for the past four years. It has been challenging and often maddening, but I made it through. It really doesn’t matter what I majored in or what my career plans are. I am

What’s Your Come From?

I have shared here before that I try my best to follow the practices of The Four Agreements, an ancient Toltec wisdom. And for the most part, I do pretty well. Let me remind you of the Four Agreements: 1          Be impeccable with your word

You Do Too!

I took a moment to look back on the last few years. Not out of nostalgia – although, that sounds like a great idea. But it is because I am on my last class for my degree. I started back to college in November, 2011

Goal In Focus…

It has been said and proven over and over again that the effect of goal setting is phenomenal, most especially when they are written and revisited quite often. Several means have been devised to help keep our goals in focus, John Asaraf suggested mind mapping,

Be Your Own Hero!

I was listening to my playlist this morning while getting dressed for the day. One of my favorite songs is Landslide by Stevie Nicks. Why? It speaks to me. Have I said how music affects me? I think I have, but if not? Well, I


When I was a child, I’d dream of growing up and becoming free and independent of all these ‘supposedly’ controlling grown ups, proving to them that I could be a better grown-up than they’ll ever be. Now that I’m all grown-up, I’d sit and wish


So I get my first project in the Toastmasters club I just joined and its titled the ‘icebreaker’. Basically this is where a new members comes forward to give their first speech about a topic they are most familiar with…themselves. I picked up my pen

Live Extraordinary, Don’t Settle for Less!

What does it mean to live in an extraordinary life, in your unique way? First of all be aware that living an extraordinary life does not mean you have to be larger than life and be involved in super-human achievements. Nor does it mean you

Self Love: Put YOURSelf First!

I recently watched one of the most revealing interviews from the Oprah Winfrey’s life class series on why you should put yourself first. I could say it was a quite enlightening but then again, so is all of her interview session. This particular interview however,

True Freedom!

When you stop living for people without care of what they think or say, then you really start being alive. Stop caring to be perfect cause you truly can’t, if we could, we wouldn’t need His grace. You don’t know what you’re capable of doing