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What’s Your Come From?

I have shared here before that I try my best to follow the practices of The Four Agreements, an ancient Toltec wisdom. And for the most part, I do pretty well. Let me remind you of the Four Agreements: 1          Be impeccable with your word


So I get my first project in the Toastmasters club I just joined and its titled the ‘icebreaker’. Basically this is where a new members comes forward to give their first speech about a topic they are most familiar with…themselves. I picked up my pen


😐 Perspective 😐 Inspiration 😐 Fridays 😐 Relationships  😐 with Nelson Kennedy –  It’s different: The beautiful Thursday relationship piece titled ‘Treat it Different’ from Nancy Wyna enticed me to talk about this. I echo the line from her mentor “If you want something to

Character: The CAST Principle!

Character is a BIG Deal whichever way you look at it. It has so much weight in Relationships, Careers and Society in General. We are always concerned about Character, ours and others. But what is it anyway. What does it entail? So May the REAL

Relationships Thursday: When The feeling Is Not Mutual

  What do you do when the feeling is not mutual? You extend a hearty handshake, you receive a dead fish instead. You give a smile,  and what you get, a sneer! You try to be cordial and friendly and all you encounter,  snobbishness! You

Discovery: Authentic Self-Expression!

  Writers, write;  singers, sing;  painters, paint; teachers, teach or so they should! Otherwise they cease to be – or even worse they become politicians!  Beyond the conventional callings and professions of our world – the teacher, the doctor the lawyer, the engineer, the preacher

Analytical vs Creative: You Be The Jury

Not sure who wins this one, you be the jury!  Crunching away at statistics using algorithms to arrive at conclusions? Or relying on intuition to read the world? As a creative, intuition comes to play any day.  It’s one unparalleled strength. Dissecting numbers and statistical